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Are you a very active social network user? You need to know that Twitter, Facebook, Linkedln, Google Plus and other social networking sites keep collecting your data online. But for a check on that, there is an app on the Google play Store for android devices, called as AVG PrivacyFix which checks your privacy exposure on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, and with one click, takes you to settings where you can control and fix it. The app lets you block over 1,200 trackers from following your movements online so that you can maintain your privacy. Set which websites reserve the right to sell your personal data and easily request that they delete all off them. This app alerts you to privacy risks as you visit various sites and alerts you when policies change.

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Your family members may not be as careful as you are with their privacy settings, with AVG PrivacyFix , you can spot when loved ones are over sharing and let them know while they do that. This device also has ability to block mobile tracking over Wi-Fi (many retailers track your device).


  • Discover over 10 different Facebook privacy and set it up to be as private as you want it to be
  • Manage your crowd – set who all can watch or know about what you share and post
  • Stay up to date – lets you know when something new needs your attention, and takes you right there.
  • Protect loved ones get all the updates and protect your loved once privacy by informing them when they over share
  • Choose what’s saved, viewed or blocked – Whether it’s allowing your searches to be saved in your Google account, what happens with your You Tube ™ viewing history or blocking collection of your data history across the web. Block collection of your data history
  • Find out if you’re sharing your network with the world and if others see when you check their profile. Easily review key settings and decide select the alternate option suitable for you.
  • Block Wi-Fi tracking with this app that automatically suspends not using the connection.

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Once you enter the app and login to your social account, there would be options shown on step-by-step basis and you can strengthen the privacy of your accounts.

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This app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and secure all your accounts. The size of the download is 2.3 MB and requires Android 2.3.3 and later.

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