Download XiaoMi Express Android Launcher in any Android Phone – Details

From affordable yet powerful smartphones to selling smartphones in mere seconds, XiaoMi is the company which we are talking about. In the latest, XiaoMi is beginning to become more aggressive than ever as it now also wants to focus on the apps which will truly redefine the android experience and as a first step, XiaoMi has come up with the XiaoMi Express android launcher which comes with the brilliant simple design along with the settings which will allow you to make use of launcher, Mi Cloud along with the lock screen options to name few. For applying this launcher, you need not root the device or need the MIUI custom ROM firmware. This one also comes with the Cloud Millet service which keep contacts, text messages and call records.

Screenshot_2014-04-06-19-52-00 Screenshot_2014-04-06-19-52-24 Screenshot_2014-04-06-19-53-36 Screenshot_2014-04-06-19-53-55 Screenshot_2014-04-06-19-54-00

MIUI Express app is just more than a home launcher as it also replaces all the icons in your app drawer and also replaces the stock phone dialer, contacts, sms app and lock screen apps along with other apps. Though, this app is still in the beta stage, this app seems pretty much a great launcher to try out. This app requires you to have an android device with Android 4.0 and above along with 1GB RAM and a free space of over 100MB.

You can also refer to the detailed screen captures which we have mentioned below. We pretty much likes this launcher, but it definitely can’t replace the stock launcher of Samsung or for say Google as it still lacks the simplicity and ease when compared with these. Do let us know in the comments section on whether you will be using this XiaoMi Express launcher or not. There will be many new apps from XiaoMi in coming days to come which also includes the default music player which is expected to be released near September 2014.

Download XiaoMi Express Launcher

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