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The Google Play Store has certainly grown bigger and there is availability of vast number of apps for each category serving the same purpose from many publishers. If you love to try out different apps then having an app single app for each category won’t be enough.Mapsaurus

I personally have atleast two app which are mean for the same functions.  Some of the apps which I search and download are aren’t meant for the purpose and they simply create nuisance. Often times I am interested in games and when I search for Cricket games app, I generally find apps which are just meant for the namesake. It would be helpful if you find the other apps which are similar to apps that you have installed on your device? Finally I have my answer thanks to the Mapsaurus Beta a newly available Android app.

Mapsaurus app Mapsaurus app

Mapsaurus is the Android application which allows users to discover the apps. If you love to try out new apps I am sure you will love to use this application at its best, still in beta. On to the home screen of the app you have the search option and then Start with your apps which are pre-installed on your device. So once you have installed the app, you will be projected with a diagonal display of nearby apps with same functionalities. Furthermore when you tap on the branched out apps, you get more apps. Once you are through the apps, you get easy way to install the app with ‘Install’ app and below that you have screenshots of that app.

Mapsaurus rating Mapsaurus filter

Mapsaurus has very user friendly user interface and the mapping abilities of its quite remarkable to look with 3D effects. Tapping on each of these apps it will bring the star ratings, number of people who have left review with double tap to branch out more apps similar to it giving out more options. Users can search for the number of installs done filter from rating and price.

Among the various settings, you have maturity level, number of installs, rating and price are custom defined to filter. Mapsaurus can be installed directly on to your mobile phone by visiting the Google Play Store link.

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