MoboRobo v3.0 Review – A Perfect Android Phone Manager for Windows

Managing your Android smartphone from your personal computer is one of easiest way to do so, for a lot of reasons. And we’ve even talked about the best ones in the past, one of them staying right at the top – the MoboRobo platform that stays in your Windows OS computer and does most of the job that you need to keep the data secure and synced, keeping you away from the nightmares of losing the data.

MoboRobo cannot be called a data syncing software, as it does much more than that, to be a perfect manager for Android smartphone, and the improvements in the new update, i.e. v3.0 brings in something that makes the tool look more interesting, and act speeder than before.

I personally like to always check the notifications, SMS and whatever files the Android device has, directly on a computer screen and some browser add-ons do a job of showing up the unread notifications, but there are limitations. The MoboRobo does what is needed, with personalized options and the stuff isn’t limited to just notifications and SMS, because even the applications of the smartphone are managed by the software.

For a quick overview, here are some of the important features of MoboRobo v3.0, that we are talking of right now.

Main features of MoboRobo on PC

  • Contact Transfer – cross smartphone platform: The tool makes it easy to transfer contacts between Android and iOS, thus essential for those who are changing and upgrading to a new smartphone.
  • Data Backup: Contacts, files and app data from both Android and iOS phones can be backed up, and that happens in a good pace.
  • File management and organizing: One of the best and important parts about the tool is the way it lets you organize and manage music, image files, videos and messages. All in different sections, for easy check and management.

MoboRobo Windows Installed Apps

Main features of MoboMarket on Android

There is a third party Android app store called MoboMarket, which is also developed by MoboRobo team. It’s a great replacement of Google Play since it has so many features that you won’t find on Google Play. For more info about this app, you can read the review here: MoboMarket v3.0.

And for the key features of this app, here they are.

  • Location based app recommendation: The app suggests all the favourite and best apps based on your location, and these are also shown in native language.
  • Performance management: The app comes with some useful management tools such as residual file cleaner, RAM booster, search and others for a better phone performance.

The most important part is how these both, i.e. MoboRobo and MoboMarket link up with each other whenever a bridge is created with the connection of smartphone to the PC, and based on the content in the smartphone, MoboMarket is able to suggest some recommended apps and such. When MoboRobo is installed and used to connect the phone to PC, MoboMarket Android app is automatically installed onto the device, and then the perfect connectivity happens.

MoboRobo v3.0 Review

To start off, we already did a MoboRobo review in the past, and since then there have been a lot of changes and neat upgrades to the features of the software. The v3.0 includes the following noticeable changes:

  • New UI, looks more colorful and intuitive
  • Auto update of apps, feature newly added
  • Connectivity between smartphone and PC improved
  • Added verification code method for Wi-Fi connectivity between devices
  • More devices added, all popular Android phones compatible with MoboRobo
  • Improvements to Import and Export feature
  • Download speed of apps improved

Now, to download MoboRobo on your computer, you need to go to the link given in the end of this review and you’ll have to go to Settings in your Android smartphone and under the developer options, enable the USB debugging so that it helps the software form a bridge between the two devices and help in connection.

MoboRobo Windows Connection Page

Once you connect the Android smartphone to the computer, it will automatically detect the smartphone and list the model number on the MoboRobo screen. The home page of the app is the most interesting and useful one, as you get to see not just the phone information and battery status, but several shortcuts too are listed. The storage information and options to backup and cleanup the device are also available directly.

MoboRobo Windows Phone Info

To find everything easily, there is this Toolbox which has management tools for SMS, Contacts, SMS chat, Call logs, file management, Bookmarks and device info, and a separate tool box gives options for backup and restore of device data, capturing screenshots directly from the computer and fullscreen display of phone screen on PC, cleanup of device and creation of ringtones for the Android smartphone.

App Installer and Updater

Apps can be installed from MoboRobo directly, and this is helpful when you want a third party app solution, with MoboMarket being a large database with several options in each category. You get to choose the location path for installation of the app – SD card, Internal or default storage.

The updater section helps you update the apps that are already installed in the device, and this includes the ones that are downloaded from Google Play Store.

MoboRobo Windows App Installation Path MoboRobo Windows Updating Apps

Backup and Restore

The option to backup and restore the phone content to your computer is an easy and handy one, and it lets you to choose what content has to be backed up and restored, and the backup process is fast. You can choose from contacts, SMS, Call logs, Bookmarks, Images, wallpapers and themes that are downloaded, for the backup.

MoboRobo Windows Backup

MoboRobo Windows Backup Progress

The restore section shows up list of devices that you have added, and you can choose from what content has to be restored for a particular device.

MoboRobo Windows Restore

Device Cleaner

The MoboRobo app has a device cleaner, which helps in cleaning junk files and optimize the performance. The good thing here is that you can check what residual files are present in the device, before you hit the delete button. This not only frees up space but also helps improving the device performance.

MoboRobo Windows Device Cleaner

Other features

  • Capturing screenshots from your computer: Screenshots of what is currently displayed on the smartphone’s screen, can be captured using the software.
  • File management: Managing files from the folders of the smartphone can be done, and you can actually delete or add folders in the file system of Android phone using your computer.

MoboRobo Screenshot MoboRobo Windows File Manager

MoboRobo Windows Photos

The MoboRobo software for Windows is a free tool to download and run, and it will automatically download the MoboMarket app on your Android smartphone, making the job even more easier for the users who wanted to search for the best recommended apps from the editorial team.

Download MoboRobo for Windows: Click here.

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