The Best Battery Saving App for Android – Du Battery Saver Review

No matter how powerful a smartphone is made, it sells more than any other device in its range for a single reason – the battery life. There’s no one who want to compromise on the battery of a smartphone for something else. But when you have decided to go with one, and realise later that the device isn’t so good as expected, at least for the battery life, you’ll look for optimisation rather than to sell and search for a better deal.

DU Battery Saver HomeThere are loads of applications for each smartphone OS, which are known to help you save some power on your device. One of them does a commendable job in that, and it already well known in the Android user masses. It comes with a simple job – to increase the battery life of the Android phones and tablets. To be frank, we haven’t seen the use of tablets so much that there is a need for saving battery, but after having used a lot of Android smartphones with varied battery capacities, the DU Battery Saver seems to be a perfect tool for someone wanting to see the remaining battery power take them through for a few more hours and they expect.

The best part about the app is that you don’t really see it taking control of your device, but suggesting most of the tweaks you could do with the settings, and the app boasts to have increased the battery life of the device by about 70%.

Launching the DU Battery Saver app shows up the information about the estimate time remaining on the power left in the battery, and there is an Optimize button that has to be pressed, and on doing that, one would see the magic and the estimated time increases.

One important thing about the app is its reporting of the phone temperature, based on which one can estimate how faster will the battery drain. A heated up phone usually sees the battery draining faster, and when the temperature is normal, the drain is normal.

While the battery tab in the application shows the graph with the charge percentage, the monitor tab is where you get the actual information about the applications and their usage, for the user to decide on whether any battery-draining app has to be force closed temporarily. The graph of battery percentage shows the percentage changes for every two hours.

The battery saver section has quite a lot to offer, for the free option. While there is also a Smart option with advanced features, which is where you need to pay $2.99, and that is totally worth it, as it does the scheduling, auto clearing functions on lock screen and such. In the saver modes, you get to see Prolong saver, General saver, Sleep mode and My mode (which the user can choose to save the current settings, and switch on whenever the battery is low).

This area of modes is what brings in the real difference, if you give some time and set things up perfectly.

DU Battery Saver Charging Options

The way your smartphone gets charged and discharged, is an important factor in the longevity and efficiency of the battery of it. The app suggests you how and when to charge the battery in the right way. There are types such as Fast Charge, Full Charge, Trickle Charge and Healthy Charge. The app gets really beneficial when you set up modes and start using them. For example, you know how you are going to use your device during long flights, or while watching a movie. Set up modes in that way, and the app does rest of the job.

When we talk of the virtual money purchase, you aren’t paying anything here. The DU Battery Saver app recommends you a few apps, that are to be downloaded so that you earn some coins. Using these coins, you can unlock the premium features, like automatic scanning of applications that are power-hungry, scheduling the profiles and modes so you don’t have to manually set them up always, managing even the clock speed of the processor (only if you have root access to the device).

There are alterations done to screen brightness level, timeout, vibrate during calls, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, Auto Syncing and Haptic Feedback. Even if you are not that cautious about battery life, the optimization even helps in performance betterment.

DU Battery Saver Modes

The widget showing the temperature of the device, comes really handy. While using data network for a long time and the screen turned ON, the temperature did rise and I could come to a conclusion whether to give the device some rest, or the battery drain becomes dramatic at times.

While the application itself is useful and shows itself up always in the notification panel, there are some widgets that can be placed on the home screens, to get a quick view about the stats and estimate battery life. Four different widgets, each having unique roles, are available. Of them, the 4×1 is something you should consider using, as it shows the time left for the battery to get down to zero, the connectivity notifier, and also a button to Optimize and kill the apps that are draining the battery.

DU Battery Saver Charging

So overall, the DU Battery Saver app has a lot to do, and there is no reason why one should not use it. Especially, when you aren’t asked a penny to download and start enhancing the life of your battery, and time between charges. The DU Battery Saver is available on Play Store: Link



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