Moto X (2014) Boot Animation with awesome graphics – How to Update

Having a Motorola smartphone and wish to have the boot animation which is just no less than a stunning one? Then we will help you make your device start off with an awesome boot animation and mid you that this boot animation will be different from the boring ones which is currently the case as there is just a simple animation of “m” / “android” logo. So let’s check out on how that new boot animation looks like as mentioned below along with the quick guide which will help you install this new boot animation in your Motorola device. This new boot animation was spotted by one of the users inside the 5.0.2 OS loaded Chinese device. For your reference, we have also shown the screen capture of this new device.

Moto Boot Logo

Note: Please note that this boot animation is only advised to be applied on the Motorola devices and not on any other devices. Applying this boot animation won’t root the device / void the warranty in any manner.

In your Motorola device, first up you need to download the “ROM Manager” app from Google App Store and make sure that the recovery is installed in your moto device. Download new Boot Animation Package from here to your computer and place the sane in your device. Once done, disconnect the device and open the ROM Manager app.

Once done, you now need to select “install zip from internal storage” to select the New Boot Zip Package which you have placed in your device.

Now, after this you need to wait for the same to get flashed which will take around 3 -4 minutes and once done the device will be rebooting on its own. Please note that while there are many new custom ROM firmwares for Moto E and Moto G, these devices come with many customizations as well which makes these devices special than anyone else.

Do let us know in the comments section just in case if you face any issues while flashing this boot animation screen.


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