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Motorola Alert App for Alerting Close Ones on Emergency on Moto E [Tips, Screenshots]

The announced Moto E and Moto G LTE Smart phones comes pre-loaded with the company’s own Alert app that lets the Motorola users more safety, just in case if needed because life is full of surprises. This app is available on the Moto E budget Smartphone and its users can use this app for their safety purpose, moreover this app is expected to hit the Moto G and Moto X smart phones in the coming days.

Motorola Alert App 2 Motorola Alert App 3

Well, you might not be expecting some kind of danger always, but still it is better to be on the safe side. With this Moto Alert app you can just send messages to selected numbers from your contacts list. This app not only provides safety but also sends information about the location you are in and this is mainly a safety app as the name suggests and cannot be used as a tracker.

Motorola Alert App 5 Motorola Alert App 6 Motorola Alert App 7 Motorola Alert App 8


Once if you activate the alert mode the app will automatically sends a message to the designated contacts that shows your location by sending periodic messages, so that they can act accordingly. Moreover you can set up places such as School, Home or Work place and sends and sends an alert message to the contacts when you are leaving that location.

The user can also send messages to those contacts, updating with the current situation. The app gives you the options like, Meet me, Follow me and Emergency options or you can just type a message also. This app is pretty much helpful to people who travel to remote places or far places where they won’t have any one to help or when they are stuck in a problem. This app will be more useful for children’s and old people, so that the family member and friends can be tracking their status.

Motorola Alert App 9 Motorola Alert App 10 Motorola Alert App 12 Motorola Alert App 13

You also have another option of triggering an alarm so that people nearby can notice you and help you out. Another thing notable here is that you can send alert message to the contacts even if they do not posses this Motorola Alert app. For now this app is not available for the Moto X and Moto G smart phone but we can expect the company to roll it out soon if this pre-installed app on Moto E sets up perfectly. Do you own a Moto E? Did you set up the alert? If you didn’t, just launch the app and set up all the necessary things so that a message can be sent to the selected contacts along with a loud alarm.

Motorola Alert App 14 Motorola Alert App 15

We’d let you know when the app is available for the Moto G and Moto X.

Source: PhoneRadar

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