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How to Insert SIM Card & MicroSD Card in the Moto E (Quick Tip)

With the new smartphones entering the market, a big issue for a new phone owner would be about the placement of SIM card and MicroSD card if there’s a slot for it. Why? because each phone comes with its own requirement which cannot be altered. Some smartphones would require a normal SIM, some need the MicroSD while some like the iPhone 5s & Moto X need a Nano SIM.

The Motorola Moto E comes with the Dual-SIM connectivity and both the SIM cards supported are the Micro SIM cards. The MicroSD card support is there in the Moto E, with the storage expansion possible with a 32GB MicroSD card at max.

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Now, let’s check how to insert the MicroSD card into the Moto E. First off, you will have to remove the back cover because the slots are located beside the non-removable battery and are exposed only when the battery door is removed. The photo below would show you which is the location for the MicroSD and which is for the Micro SIM.

Motorola Moto E Insert SIM MicroSD 1

Remove the battery door of Moto E: The battery door can be removed by placing the fingernail in the bottom MicroUSB slot, and then press a finger against the Motorola logo on the center. Pull out the battery door from the bottom with some force, and it would pop out.

Motorola Moto E Insert SIM MicroSD Open Back Cover

Once open, you will notice the three slots – one for MicroSD card, and two for the Micro SIM cards. The one in lowest part is the MicroSD card slot, and there is a label written over it for you to check and understand. Below is the picture showing the shape and direction in which the cards have to be inserted in the Moto E.

Motorola Moto E Insert SIM MicroSD 4


While the back of the phone faces you, you need to insert the MicroSD card in a direction where the larger flat surface is on the outer side, and the chip of the card faces the other side, just as given in the picture below. There won’t be any push noise, but a little push is needed to properly place the card in the slot.


Motorola Moto E Insert SIM MicroSD 7

Inserting the SIM Card in Moto E

This isn’t any different either because you need to insert the SIM where the diagonal cut on the SIM has to be on the left bottom side when the SIM chip is facing the other side. Check the picture below for a better idea.

Motorola Moto E Insert SIM

The final picture:

Motorola Moto E Insert SIM MicroSD 9

Do let us know if you have any queries around the Moto E, and we should be happily solving them.

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