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Motorola Moto E – List of Best Features & Why the Moto E is a Game Changer

We are once again surprised, and each one would be happy to see Motorola setting a price of Rs. 6999 for their latest phone: the Motorola Moto E. While we are totally blown away by the pricing set, which is going to beat any other smartphone in the competition. The case about competitive and aggressive pricing was the same with Moto G and then Moto X, which were expected to be priced higher than what Motorola finally settled for, and each and every brand in India which was holding a supreme position, felt the shake sent by Motorola.

Now, the budget smartphone market wasn’t ever good in India, and it was full of devices which couldn’t deliver the performance expected by the users for what they were paying, but the Moto E now, for me at least, is a game changer. Why? there are quite a few reasons for the same.

Moto E

Firstly, the display is quite neat. I know many might have been disappointed after hearing the rumors of 720p display, but still, a qHD resolution isn’t that bad, and you get the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection along with the water-resistant splash guard for a better durability, and one can easily slide it into the pocket, where the keys and sharp objects won’t bother it much.

Android KitKat – the flavor of the latest OS, and that can be done only by Motorola for now. Just a few days back, the Galxay S3 users were given a news that their devices cannot get the KitKat update because of the 1GB RAM in it. It’s the same RAM in Moto E, but it runs the KitKat OS with the latest features, and the company says the future updates are also guaranteed. How awesome is that?

MicroSD card support – This might come as a sad news for the Moto G users, who are still stuck with the fixed internal storage and no option for expansion, but the future buyers of Moto E will have all the liberty to pop-in a MicroSD card (a maximum of 32GB) to expand the storage, if the 4GB internal (actually around 1.5GB available) isn’t enough.

Moto E MicroSd support

The Motorola Shells – interchangeable back covers which come in 9 colors. You had to once select just between the White or Black options and had to settle with one for the entire time you are using it. Here, Motorola is giving the option to swap the back cover easily with some excellent color options.

The Motorola Apps that come pre-installed are quite enough for the users to start off with the new phone, and transfer all the content from their current smartphone. Just like what was in the earlier Motorola devices, the Moto G and Moto X. That’s the Moto Migrate function which transfers all the old content from your previous phone to the Moto E.

Finally, the 1980 mAh battery. Even the Moto G had a battery capacity of 2070 mAh and we were pretty happy with it. Pretty sure the Moto E would be providing longer hours of usage with the 1980 mAh capacity and the good optimization in the KitKat OS.

Competition from the other brands? no where near!

Having said all this, now, here’s why I feel this could turn around the game in the low-cost Android smartphone market – the competitor brands such as Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony have the entry-level devices in the market at this price point and none hold such neat specifications which the Moto E is coming with.

  • The Galaxy Trend from Samsung is priced at Rs. 6700 and it has a 4-inch WVGA display, Android Jelly Bean OS, 1GHz Processor with 512MB of RAM.
  • Nokia X was initially priced over Rs. 8000, but now has got a price drop, with the recent pricing of Rs. 6931, and it has some of the basic specs for the Nokia X platform – having a 1 GHz processor, 512MB RAM and a 3MP fixed focus camera.
  • The Sony Xperia E1 is priced at Rs. 7730, a little higher than what the Moto E is available for, but still, the phone comes with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, 4-inch WVGA display, Snapdragon 200 processor and a 3MP camera.
  • HTC doesn’t have a decent phone under the price point of Rs. 8000.

All this would surely make the competition tougher for the other brands and Motorola emerges as a clear winner and the game changer. Every brand which has been doing well in the mid-range and high-end sector, will now rethink about a strategy to come up with decent budget smartphones with attractive pricing, or Motorola is clearly stealing things away from them. Same was the case when Moto G was introduced in the Indian market, wasn’t it?

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