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Motorola Moto E Camera Samples & Camera App Interface

Motorola Moto E Photo Back CameraThe Motorola Moto E looked good even when it was leaked, then the company pleasantly surprised everyone with the pricing and then the phone actually looked good in the hand. But not everything comes for cheap, is the message we get when we test the camera of the phone. The first thing everyone complained about, was the absence of flash to assist in dark conditions, but is the camera any good for the captures even in bright conditions? We didn’t find it so.

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Firstly, the 5-megapixel shooter of the Moto E doesn’t come with good focusing options (as it is a fixed focus one) and the only thing you can adjust with your hand is the exposure. Thus, an object near to the phone won’t be focused well, and we tried it for multiple times and found it not that good. Secondly, the HDR mode might be helpful but that doesn’t click photos at the same pace as the normal capturing does, and while the HDR mode is on, the object shouldn’t be moving at all.

Moto E Camera capture samples

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Moto E Camera App Interface

Motorola Moto E Camera App Widescreen Motorola Moto E Camera App Options

Motorola Moto E Camera App Control Exposure Motorola Moto E Camera App HDR mode

The camera app in the Moto E comes with a limited number of options, and these can be opened by swiping to the right from the left corner, and the options you get are:

  • HDR Mode
  • Control Exposure
  • Panorama mode
  • Geotagging
  • Storage location
  • Aspect ratio (widescreen)
  • Shutter sound on/off

The swiping to left from the right corner would open the gallery, and there is a toggle to switch between the photo and video mode. The editing options although would give us the different effects and options, but the actual camera app interface is easy to use.

The only disappointment is with the picture quality, which isn’t good at all. But one would ask, were you expecting better than this for the price you are paying?

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