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Motorola Nexus Razr 5″ Phone with 16 Mp Camera on Jelly Bean

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus a revolutionary smartphone released by Google with likes of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system which provides a complete makeover from the previous version of Android.

Apart from our regular stuff of news, reviews and firmware updates of the Android products, we tried to entertain you by providing assumed concept phones. Previously we spotted Galaxy S III concept phone, HTC H1 altogether with a different rugged design and Google Nexus Ultima. Whether this mobile phone will launch in the future or not, its clear that these are just the concept phones.

Motorola Nexus Razr

Here we have the Motorola Razr Nexus with the likes of the upcoming Android 5.0 Jelly Bean. With rumours that Google will debut Jelly Bean to compete with Apple iOS 5 and Windows 8 platform, Android 5.0 will arrive this year second quarter itself.

This concept phone of Motorola Razr Nexus is designed by Shaik Imaduddin and he says that hardware components integrated are quad core processor NVIDIA Tegra 3 which is likely in the coming months. The phone would be with 5 inches display and 16 mega pixel camera. The specifications are kept in check, not like they are just assumed and they look more to be true in coming year or so. Coming to a point that users prefer smartphones with 5 inches or more, it was clear with Galaxy Note coming out with a good results and to compete that LG has also announced Optimus Vu 5 inches smartphone.

Do check out more concept phones coming in the future.

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