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My Diet Coach II – Weight Loss Android App – Features and Download link

Fed up of the resolutions that you take to cut down your weight? Here is an answer for you, My Diet Coach II – Weight loss Android app, is a mental game for dieting that keeps you always motivated by keeping you on track and improving your food eating habits and makes you stay committed in losing the Fat that you always wanted to lose.

With this app you can track your eating habits, exercise laziness and other obstacles by motivational arguments, guidelines and also keep tracking challenges. This also gives rewards for the achievements that you get and you can set reminders for reaching your goal and add motivational photos that will notify whenever required. This app will also let you to get rid of all the bad eating habits and many regimes that lets you lose your weight by setting reminders, that regularly reminds you complete your goals be it, cooking a healthy food, drinking water or whatever that you want to do for reducing your weight.

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With this application you can add custom diet reminders and Perseverance Tips by just touching the buttons with the obstacle that is troubling you and the relevant motivational quotes and pictures will be coming up. Set up challenges like going to Gym, running, workouts or even for avoiding unhealthy food and the app will give you virtual rewards and points for being dedicated and doing the right things giving you a game like experience.

The pro version of this app will feature the features like the planning of the Diet, Calorie counter and Calories burned calculator as well as the BMI and BMR calculator. To get this pro version you will be charged by an in app purchase or the pro version can be downloaded directly. So are you going to download the app? The main thing about the app is that it keeps you motivated and focused on your goal with regular remainders and more over it is free to be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Stay tuned for more information and updates.

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