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The Best Free Pedometer Step Counter Apps for the Nexus 5

The big list of features that the Android 4.4 KitKat came with, included the support for Pedometers and the Nexus 5 which was just launched, has the pedometer embedded in itself, thus you can take full advantage of it to count the steps you make to keep yourself fit and fine. Earlier to this, we had loved the feature on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3, but they could do the step counting using the S Health app, a property of Samsung. Unfortunately, there is no real good step tracker app available, especially when we talk of the battery usage.

Best Pedometer Apps Nexus 5

Below we have listed a few step counter apps which take advantage of the Pedometer in the Nexus 5, but mind you, most of them drain the battery quite a lot. And the one which I saw draining more battery than the others is an app that we always recommend for the fitness tracking.

Runtastic Pedometer

Runtastic Pedometer

The Runtastic Pedometer counts every step of yours and the job doesn’t end there because based on the walk, it would tell you the count of the number of steps, the duration of the walk and based on that, the speed in kph, the distance in km or miles. There are loads of settings, but many would be available only if you upgrade to the Pro version, and if you check the list below, you’ll find there is no way to pay and upgrade.

Advantages of the Runtastic Pedometer –

  • It is very much accurate when compared to the other free apps available
  • Total distance calculation with time, removes the need for other fitness apps
  • Little history, with the past five walks recorded and saved for your comparison

Disadvantages of Runtastic Pedometer –

  • Battery drainer – It drains a lot of battery, and the app itself says that I have to keep the screen turned on if the tracking has to go well.

The Pedometer Lite from Runtastic is a free one in the Play Store: Link

Noom Walk: Pedometer

The Noom Walk pedometer app claims to calculate steps more accurately, and the main advantage here being the battery life. It doesn’t drain a lot of battery when compared to the other apps but I had a big issues with the count because after the test walk of 100 steps, I hardly walked for around 100 more steps and then was off in a car. But after reaching a place and checking it, the app showed more than 8000 steps.
Noom Walk does nothing else than counting the steps, but I am not sure how good it does after the unknown 7000+ steps were added. It is only good when you force close the app and open it only when you are about to walk.

Noom Walk Pedometer

Advantages of Noom Walk Pedometer

  • Battery saving
  • Works with both smartphones and tablets
  • Let’s you stay private

Disadvantages of Noom Walk Pedometer –

  • It is not that accurate
  • Counts even when driving sometimes

Download Noom Walk Pedometer from Play Store: Link

Pedometer 2.0

The Pedometer 2.0 does quite a lot more than the above two apps because you get to see some options like the speed in graphics display, a diary recording all the movements and the final analysis showing the stats of the walk. Thus, the functioning doesn’t end with just the steps counting. One of the good things I found in this is the different modes – Accelerometer mode where the steps are counted, the GPS mode where the distance is calculated and the Time mode where the calories burning is checked based on the type of exercise.

Pedometer 2.0 App

Advantages of the Pedometer 2.0 app –

  • Many features like calorie burning
  • Analytical check charts for daily activities
  • Different modes for step, distance, calorie burn count

Disadvantages of the Pedometer 2.0 app –

  • Not the best at accuracy
  • Many features locked, as it has a Pro version
  • Phone has to be held in hand, although sensitivity is set at high
  • Comparatively high battery consuming, as it doesn’t work well in background

You can download Pedometer 2.0 and give it a try – Play Store Link

WalkLogger pedometer

This is a similar one to the Pedometer 2.0 but this works in the background. Having that said, I found it to be lacking some accuracy, as it too showed my car driving distance as steps, and on day one it was somewhat good at 4 miles, the next day it showed 14 miles (how could I walk that much?). But later, it was pretty good, but not that trustworthy if I am to make a perfect log and check for regular distance and calorie burning.

Walklogger Pedometer

Advantages of Walklogger Pedometer

  • Motivational – You get different app themes when you reach particular number of steps, and that sometimes helps in making you walk more
  • Hills and bar charts – Good to show you how the activity is, every hour
  • Doesn’t drain a lot of battery

Disadvantages of Walklogger Pedometer

  • Problem with accuracy, as said with the example above
  • Doesn’t count the steps right away, you might have to waste 4-8 steps before it actually starts counting

Download the WalkLogger Pedometer and install it from Play Store: Link


This app counts your steps, and along with that it takes the help from GPS to track the walk and the paths you took to walk around. It tracks the different activities such as walking, running and cycling and it is quite simpler than the other apps, but you are going to see a lot of battery drain with this, and while testing all these five pedometer apps, I saw Moves taking around 28% of the battery, just like the Runtastic Pedometer. But if you are fine with it, the accuracy of the counting is good.

Moves App Android

Advantages of the Moves app

  • Quite accurate
  • Simple to use
  • Shows the paths

Disadvantages of the Moves app

  • Lot of battery draining
  • No extra features like calorie burning

Pedometer with Dashclock extension

Pedometer app

This is one of the simplest apps which would do the step counting and it uses the hardware step-sensor for a better battery consumption. It also come with DashClock extension which would do the checking for the steps and activity tracking easier. For the motivation, there is Google+ account logging in to unlock achievements and compete with others on the leaderboard.

Download from Play Store: Link

There are a lot of other apps too, but we tried to mention only the ones which were recommended by many experts around, and tried to check where these apps are good at, and where they are disadvantageous for the fitness freaks.

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