Nokia X & X+ Smartphone Hands-on – Photo Gallery, Video and First Impressions

The big news finally was here today when Nokia announced the Nokia X smartphones, but that was not a sweet surprise when the company said that it won’t be the standard Android platform running the device, but the Nokia X platform which is again based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). How good is that? or would you rather say, how bad is that?

Nokia X X+ Phone

Nokia X X+ Phone Back Camera

The Nokia X comes with the Android-based Nokia X Platform, which took inspiration from the Windows Phone and the Asha platforms which the company is using, but used the core stuff from the Android platform. Before taking you into the various details, let me tell you that the Nokia X and the X+ aren’t any different by looks or by most of the internal specs, except for the fact that the Nokia X has 512MB RAM and no storage expansion, while the Nokia X+ has 768MB RAM and the user can expand the storage with the MicroSD card.

Now, getting into the details – the Nokia X comes with an IPS 4-inch WVGA display, with the screen resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, and one wouldn’t really complain about the low resolution as it is the tiles that they would be welcomed by, thus there is no possibility to place some colorful static or live wallpapers and see how vibrant the display is. The body is hard, sharp and rectangular but Nokia makes it look good with the color options, but frankly, it doesn’t look anything more than a kiddish device with no strength like the Android / iOS / Windows phone devices have. But again, this is just the start.

Nokia X X+ Phone Bottom Nokia X X+ Phone Top

Nokia X X+ Phone Left Side Nokia X X+ Phone Right Side

Internally, the Nokia X is powered by the Snapdragon S4 Play, dual-core processor clocking at 1 GHz, and as mentioned above, there is 512MB RAM in the X, while 768MB RAM is provided in the X+.

Camera wise, Nokia is a company one would expect a lot from, but they disappointed us with the 3-megapixel camera which isn’t having the support by LED flash. There’s fixed focus, so you should manually do the distance adjustment as you cannot focus on any object, and to put in simple words – the camera capture quality is Bad. We didn’t do a video capture, but that too wasn’t any appreciable. We will upload that soon.

Nokia X X+ Phone Back Camera

The interface of the Nokia X is not confusing in any way, but one wouldn’t have ever seen an Android platform based device with such an interface. So, that’s not any bad but at the same time, the interface is not really impressive. There are various tiles, and there’s also the Fastlane which shows all the latest notifications and shortcuts, while there is also a notification panel, so you aren’t getting a totally dumb interface.

There is no Play Store from Google, and in fact, the entire pack of Google apps is missing, and there is a Nokia Store from where you could install the applications. One good thing about the Nokia X platform is that you already get to see all the highly popular apps, including WhatsApp, the games such as Plants vs Zombies 2, Subway Surfers and a lot more, so you really don’t need to complain about the absence of Play Store. Another interesting fact is that you can directly install any application with the .apk installer files.

So overall, this is an aggressive pricing of 89 Euros for the Nokia X and 99 Euros for the Nokia X+, and we cannot say whether the Nokia X might sustain in the market with the tweaked OS and also the basic specifications, because we might have to do a check for the battery (1500 mAh) and it’s life on the normal usage, although the performance was quite good. What do you think about the market share of Nokia from here? we really hope that grows with the X series finally out.

Nokia Market Share

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