Get Notifications on Desktop from Android Mobile via IP Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

android notifier LogoWant to keep your Android smartphone away for some time? Yes it’s not an easy thing but yes for one thing you can think of keeping your Android phone away from you and that is in terms of notifications as you can now manage to get all the notifications from your Android smartphone right on to your Desktop via the IP based Wi Fi as well as the Bluetooth.  We will look on the whole system in the due course of this article. This is one of the best innovations to get the notifications right on your desktop or laptop considering the fact that just in case if you are in the middle of some work in your computer then you can screen the notifications whether they are important or not.

So, in the due course of this article we will see on how you can easily make use of this application by making the appropriate settings changes in the phone. The best part is that it supports all the Android versions of firmware and also comes with the support of Mac, Linux and Windows based computers.

Procedure to Get Desktop Notifications from your Android Phone:

  • First up you will have to download the “Remote Notifier Desktop” client in your computer, it supports Mac, Linux and the Windows based systems. From the below mentioned links, you can easily get the desktop client.

Remote Notifier Desktop for Mac,

Remote Notifier Desktop for Linux,

Remote Notifier Desktop for Windows

  • Once you are done with the download and installing of the desktop client, from the Android market Place you will have to install the application called as “Remote Notifier for Android” from the Android Market Place.

Remote notifier for Android Remote Notifier in Android Market Welcome to Android notifier

  • After this ensure that the Wi fi which your computer is making use of it is selected in your Android phone too. To check whether this client has successfully paired up with the desktop client, from the Android application open the app and select “Send Test notification” after which you will see a test notification like the one which is mentioned below in your desktop.

Test notification Phone Ringing Notification

  • So, that’s it if the test notification is seen then that means that the Wi Fi has been successfully configured. So, next time whether you receive an sms or call, you will just be able to see a notification as shown in the below screen capture of the notification.

Notification methods Notification Service

  • Now, just in case if you don’t have the Wi Fi network in your place then you can make use of the Bluetooth system to get the notifications. For this you need to make the small changes in the “Notification Settings” as shown in the below screen capture.

Events to Notify

  • Alternatively, you can also choose which notifications you wish to get on your desktop as shown in the below screen capture. You can view all these settings from the section of “Events to notify”.

IP  Wi Fi Options

  • Just in case if you are further interested to tweak with the Settings of the Desktop client then you can right click on the application as mentioned in the below screen capture and then choose “Preferences” option to get the Settings page. You can also make use of other host of different settings so as to match your requirements for this application notifications right on your desktop.

Android Notifier Preferences

Do let us know in the comments section below just in case if you face any issues as we will try our level best to sort out the same at the earliest.



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