Amazon Kindle Fire – 7 Best Apps to Download from AppStore

Kindle Fire LogoPurchased an Amazon Kindle Fire? Then in the due course of this article let’s see on what are the applications which you need to download and install which will be useful for you in your day to day activities. There are many categories of applications which we will be checking out more on them as the article progresses. The only sad part is that since the Kindle Fire comes from the Amazon family, it makes use of native Market which is Amazon Market Place rather than the Official Android Market Place, but the best part of Amazon App Store is that every day one paid application is given for free.

In the due course of this article we will see on what are the 7 most desirable apps for your Amazon kindle Fire which are not only important but also a must. For your convenience, we have broken this article into a total of 7 pages so that you can easily read this article into different pages.

Office Suite Pro 5:
Office Suite Pro LOGO

Addicted to work and want to work even on the move? Then you can’t miss out this application which is called as “Office Suite Pro 5”. If you have a look at the list of features which this app comes along then you will be more than happy as it includes the features like,

  • Create, edit and view MS Word and Excel Documents,
  • View Power point and PDF Files,
  • Use Google Docs to manage files remotely

Office Pro 1 Office Pro 2 Office Pro 3 Office Pro 4

This application is the paid application as not all good things come for free. This application in the Amazon App store costs $14.99. You can also refer to the screen captures which are mentioned above.

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