Prevent Distractions while Driving from Calls, Texts with OneTap App

Whenever we come across a good app, we try to share with our readers, and aware them about what’s best and why it is a good decision to use that app. This time around we are doing the same. Recently, we come across a particularly very interesting app that would let you be a less distracted when you are behind the wheels. The driving accidents due to distraction are among the top causes of being in an accident.

Although, everyone likes to be involved on social apps via their smartphones, there is a precaution needs to be taken while doing that while driving a vehicle. People know that it’s a dangerous thing to use a smartphone while driving, so to avoid looking at those notifications or answer calls, there is an assistant that would help you get away from those distractions.

What are the features of OneTap?

The app when installed and setup on your Android smartphone would be able to detect the driving activity automatically, as well as you can set it up manually whenever you want with just one click. It will enter into driver mode and all the texts, phone calls, and even notifications from apps would be stopped giving you the perfect environment to drive with more attention on the road. Remember, you would have to set the drive time or enter your destination on the map, so that as soon as you reach the destination or the time is up, then you’ll be able to answer, as well as make calls.

  • Drive Time – But since it is called as a smart assistant, the company have integrated an interesting feature that would let people know that you’re behind the wheel and should expect a call back after your drive time ends. This all would be conveyed to the caller via SMS. As well as the caller can also leave a voice message if they wish to.
  • Passenger Mode – While it detects easily if you are on the move, you would have to enter into passenger mode manually, if you are riding shotgun or in the back seat of the vehicle. Then, you can use your smartphone normally, and OneTap app won’t take over your phone and block them.
  • Trip Summary – You would have a trip summary, as soon as it is over. It will let you know what calls, texts and other app notifications you have missed while driving behind the wheel. Moreover, it also lets you connect with friends and family and share drive status with them. You can also watch over your kids and assure that they are driving without distractions, if not, then you can launch the app on their device remotely, you just need a one-time setup for controls.
  • Urgent Notification – In some cases, the calls are urgent, so, OneTap uses One2One Urgent Connect technology, where emergency contacts would be allowed to reach through to you via the OneTap app or either text code. This should only be used during emergencies, and it is recommended that you should stop the vehicle and park it, and then only respond to the emergency alert.


This is something that every person should install on their smartphone if they drive a lot. It can be a life savior in many cases, and then your family and friends can talk after you’ve reached your destination. You should install this app and be a less distracted driver. Head over to the below link to download the app.

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