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Play Ra One Game on Android with Little G.One App from Red Chillies

G.One LogoRemember G-One a.k.a Ra One? It was all across the social media just few days back and if you too are a huge fan of SRK and have an Android then how you can miss out the action! So, in the due course of this article we will see on how you can play a game based on the Ra-One concept. So, let’s check out on what are the things which this game is filled with. This game is based on the story lines of the recent movie release which is Ra One.

You can refer to the below mentioned screenshots on how this game looks like,

Ra One 1 Ra One 2 Ra One 3 Ra One 4 Ra One 5

Basically, the goal of this game is that you need to reach high as you can constantly by collecting the thruster shoes which will allow you to stay in the momentum. Also, note that the thruster shoes are only there for a limited time and within that time you need to collect the same, so keep a watch on them before you run out of time. Also, in the due course of collecting these shoes, you will also need to avoid hitting by the obstacles on your way or else if you collide then the energy will be reduced instantly. Do let us know your thoughts on this game which is officially released from the Red Chillies.

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