Polaroid Socialmatic Android Camera with Instant Photo Printing Announced at CES 2014 – Specs & Details

Socialmatic, the instant film camera made for the photographers, giving the option of sharing the photos to the social networks has finally come in to the picture. This Polaroid Socialmatic runs on Android Operating System coming with a built in ZINK (Zero Ink) printer that produces 2×3 inch full color sticker photo in less than a minute.

Socialmatic camera 1

This long-awaited Polaroid Socialmatic camera is a square shaped touch screen camera that features a 14 MP front lens and a 2 MP rear camera that gives the users an option of picturing them self. It also supports LED flash rather than Xenon and also come with a small LCD panel on the front camera. There is another interesting thing that all the QR users would love to hear, every Socialmatic user gets their own QR device code and that will be appearing on the printed photos and can be moved or scanned to other devices, also get it printed with other Socialmatic camera with QR code. You need not shake the photos upon production to dry them up, as they come out fully developed.

Socialmatic camera2

The display on the rear is 4.5 inch touch screen letting you to interact with the functionalities that are built-in. There is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity option for easier sharing of the photos to the social networks of the users. This Socialmatic camera comes with a 4 GB of on board memory that can be extended via microSD card slot giving the users the option of taking plenty of photos and saving them without a problem.

There are also features like mood assistance, small emotions and other icons that can be added to the pictures.  This Polaroid Socialmatic camera will be an exciting factor to most of the photographers and will love to get this device as soon it gets launched. We are not yet updated with the pricing and availability but sure of getting it very soon.

As for the Android cameras, this is not new, but the printing at the same time is something new and very interesting. For similar cameras (which do nothing more than the capturing), it’s the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, which is the successor to the Galaxy Camera.

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