Galaxy S I9000

How to Quick Zoom In & Out on Galaxy S Camera

Samsung Galaxy S is the best selling Samsung mobile phone on Android. There are lot of firmware update articles that we have covered on our Android Advices. Yet its successor has arrived but still there is much craze for this mobile handset. We also wrote on various tips and how to guide on Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 phone and here comes another short tip on how to quickly zoom in and out on your phone.

One thing in particular which I am talking about in this post is the zoom in feature of Galaxy S phone. By default your phone would be set to center autofocus. Now to zoom in to a particular area or location you can make use of volume rockers (volume up and down button). Apart from volume rocker keys to be used a zoom in and out keys the Galaxy S camera has the option of pinch the camera preview screen for better zooming up to 4.0x. Its just simple using the your two fingers select the area where you want to zoom, and then move apart your fingers wider from each other.Galaxy S Camera
Though this is a small tip but it makes a point because Samsung Galaxy S phone is one among the few phones which has this feature not even iPhone 3 don’t have this feature. Galaxy S Camera



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