Galaxy S I9000

Wifi Sync your Galaxy S with Android Manager WiFi Agent

Android Sync ManagerThe Samsung KIES is the official Samsung release to provide mobile PC connectivity in a very easy way. Samsung KIES recognizes all the Samsung devices and there are less than 1 % chances that your phone wouldn’t be recognized. However you should make sure that you connected not any other phone than Samsung.

At an extreme case for those who have trouble with KIES, they can make use of Android Sync Manager an Android application to easily sync and manage back ups on your mobile handsets. However limitations comes with this app straightaway as its syncs everything with Windows PC only and more limitations comes as its only valid for Samsung Galaxy S phone only, even can’t be used on Galaxy S II phones.

When you have done with the installation of it on your Android device and PC as downloaded from the Android Market. This app doesn’t even require the USB wire for backup as that we do in the normal Samsung KIES connection. As such this apps make use of Wi-Fi and for this app to work you should be on same Wi-Fi network otherwise it will not work.

When you use this on your Galaxy S Phone you would find that its something advanced than the Samsung Kies and we recommend this to all the Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 owners. We have been trying out Samsung KIES all the time, but let’s have a try with something which doesn’t even require a USB connectivity.

Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi can sync contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, files and applications. You can grab this desktop software using the Android Market.

Android Sync Manager Android Sync Manager Android Sync Manager

Android Sync Manager Wi-Fi App

Android Sync Manager App can be downloaded from Android Apps Labs and it can be installed on your PC straightaway. It’s a free app for download.

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