How to Remove Ads, do Unlimited Skips & Other restirctions in Pandora on any Android – Guide

For all those who wanted to remove ads and skip the restrictions in their android smartphones can now easily do so with a simple guide. So let’s check out on how you can make use of few tweaks to get the most out of it. There are many music streaming services like Spotify, Rdio, Pandora etc. have some or the other restrictions, all thanks to android platform which allows us to tweak a bit. Pandora has recently removed the 40 hour limit on free mobile streaming and also the skip restrictions and advertisement are a constraint. Pandora is one of the highly used apps when it comes to online radio. We will be using the Xposed module in the due course of this article. All thanks to the gamer765 recognized developer from XDA for coming out with this tweak.

Note: Please note that this below trick has been tested on Galaxy Note 3, but this method also works on other android phones.

Procedure to Remove ads and get away from restrictions in Pandora:
Step 1:
Download and install the Xposed Patch in your device and once downloaded, you need to then install the Pandora app. From the Pandora patcher, you need to download the same and install it.

Pandora Patcher

After installing, you need to head over to the Modules and check the Pandora Patcher to choose Soft reboot or normal reboot as mentioned in the screen capture below;

Pandora Patcher Module

Step 2:
Once the device boots up, you now need to head over to the Pandora Settings which you will be able to see after installing the Pandora patcher. You will now be able to see the options like 60 Minute Timeouts, Country Checks, Skip limits, Advertisement limits, Legacy ACRCP and Pandora One Splash Screen. Now for this, you need not pay any of the subscriptions. Probably, once you experience this experience, you can then buy the complete version of Pandora One for awesome and uninterrupted music listening experience.

Pandora Settings

So there you go, you will now be able to make use of the Pandora unlimited for free and also you will no more be seeing the Pandora One pop up. So, next time when you will be updating the Pandora app, you will now also have to update the Pandora watcher directly from the Xposed installer app.

Pandora App

Do let us know in the comments section just in case if you have any feedback on the above mentioned process.

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