Review: Baidu Browser for Android – Feature-heavy, yet Light and speed browser

While the browser war never ends, we got to choose the best one based on how we want the experience to be. Frankly, no developer intentionally does something that hurts the experience. If you are looking for an alternative Android phone browser, there’s this one which has caught our eye, for several reasons – Baidu Browser for Android.

Baidu Browser Android

Baidu is a super quick browser that takes advantage of the T5 engine, to render content in a quick pace and giving the users an experience of almost browsing through the desktop browsers. Having a lot of shortcuts, tabs, news view and tab view, this browser does seem to be a complete one, if you are looking for something that already has quite a lot that doesn’t need to be set up manually later.

Quickly going through the important features of the browser, here they are.

  • Quick view: Allows to choose news and photos that the user wants to appear on the dashboard
  • Security: The browser gives a warning about the potential fraud risks, if there are any, before opening a website
  • Incognito Mode: This is similar to the private mode on other browsers, where the browsing history is not saved, and thus, helps in privacy protection
  • Night Mode: The T5 engine helps render pages for making them adjusted based on light, for a comfortable viewing during night
  • Desktop widget: We don’t prefer having a lot of widgets usually, but the one from Baidu browser is quite handy, giving an access to favourite websites, search engines, and also shows weather information

Baidu Browser Android Widget

  • Gesture browsing: There are some gestures also available, such as one-finger slide for zooming in, when using the phone with one hand, or swipe forward/backward to navigate within the web page
  • Personalisation: While the Baidu browser allows the users to choose between themes, wallpapers can also be changed to have a different view for the dashboard
  • Text only mode: This is a mode that can be used to reduce bandwidth usage, especially when the network conditions are rough, or the data charges are high. It disables all the images and other codes, to show only the text content.

Baidu Browser Android Search

There’s a single bar on the top of the browser, that allows typing in a keyboard, website URL, or give voice commands, or even scan a barcode. The favourites section has some already placed websites that are the most popular ones, and these can be removed or replaced by the ones that user wants.

Under the various categories, i.e. Social, Video, Game, Music, News, Sport, IT, and Shopping, there are some post popular websites listed so that the user can reach there with a single tap. While this might seem cluttered for some users who always used Google Chrome or similar browser, having shortcuts for almost everything makes browsing much easier and time-saving, once you get used to it.

Baidu Browser Android Shortcuts

The brightness, wallpaper, full screen settings can be toggled from the Menu, and one important option is “Read later”, that will let the user save a page to read it later, even where there is no Internet connectivity.

Though Baidu is a browser made in China, just a single setting of “Region/Language” in the Settings, changes the way it shows to the users, and almost all the shortcuts gets changed.

Experience of browsing using Baidu Browser

Endless features are included in several browser, but what is important, is how well do web pages load, and how easy is the browsing for the end user. Baidu can easily sit in the list of the best Android browsers, given how it provides the easiest options within a couple taps, and how well the web pages are loaded.

Baidu Browser Android Tabs

Upon opening about 9 tabs at a time, with some content-heavy websites included, the browser was able to handle that well, and the switching between tabs was swift as well. For Android devices that tend to slow down due to heavy browsing, the browser shows up an option of clearing cache, every time the user exits it. Overall, Baidu is light but feature-heavy, and indeed a useful Android browser.

Download Baidu Browser for Android.

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