Review: DU Battery Saver App brings Aurora Engine for better Power Management

Saving battery in a smartphone can be a cumbersome task, and thus, many a times we suggest to use some useful app that does all the management of the battery to give a longer life on single charge. Last year, we had recommended DU Battery Saver as the best battery saver application, and the thoughts are still the same. In fact, the app has become much better than what it was already.

If you are hearing about the app for the first time, read below to know about it.

DU Battery Saver for Android

Without taking full control of the device functions, DU Battery Saver app modifies the usage in a way that the battery consumption is reduced, especially by killing the unnecessary background tasks. Not limiting to that, the DU Battery saver also shows the information of time left on remaining battery, and gives a fair idea on how much it increases when the app is in action.

Smartphones heating up due to heavy usage and a lot of background tasks, again is not uncommon. The battery saver application lets the user know about how heated up the device is getting up, and what can be done to reduce that. In fact, the app does the needed job to bring down the temperature by a considerable amount, when the phone is hot.

DU Battery Saver Apps

The app can set smart modes where the user’s preferences are taken into account, and based on the energy left, the app works in setting itself up for saving power. There are modes like Prolong, Sleep, General, and My Mode for custom settings of brightness, timeout, vibrate, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, Syncing and Haptic feedback.

DU Battery Saver for Android Modes

There are several reasons why the health of battery of a smartphone gets poor with time. Poor charging, where the user might be using a USB charging rather than direct wall charging, also affects to an extent. Whatever the reason, DU Battery Saver app for Android lets you know about it. Read the review we already did, but read below to find out what’s new.

The app now has a new Aurora engine, which is said to be aiding in saving 60% more battery than it could before. Force quitting an app doesn’t necessarily mean the app is closed in the background. There are processes that still run, even if the app shows appears to be closed. Aurora engine ensures that the app is properly force closed, and closes those apps that were using the resources to run silently in the background.

DU Battery Saver Boost

DU Battery Saver Charge

Taking advantage of the Aurora engine again, DU Battery Saver lets the user whitelist or blacklist app notifications. Once the Notification saving feature is enabled, the apps whose notifications are blacklisted, are automatically killed in the background. The advantage of this feature is that the user can choose which app should still be able to send notifications, while the battery saver is active.

The support for multiple languages includes English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Turkish, Italian, Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified) languages. For a more advanced functioning, there is an in-app purchase available for Pro version, that allows even changing the CPU frequency (if the smartphone is rooted), and have intelligent mode-switching.

Download DU Battery Saver App for Android:

[appbox googleplay com.dianxinos.dxbs]

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