Review: DU Speed Booster improves speed of Android phones, includes Network speed test

Apart from the battery, one major issue that bugs Android users usually is the performance of the smartphone, that tends to slow down with time. Storage gets filled slowly, cache is retained and a lot of internal processes happen, making the smartphone slower than what it was, when used for the first time.

DU Speed Booster App for Android

DU Speed Booster Cleaning

There is not one particular reason that can be held responsible for the slowing down of a device. Junk files, multiple apps running, or even some malware can aid into it. Earlier, we had recommended the DU Speed Booster app, and it still is one very much recommended app for boosting the speed of Android smartphones.

DU Speed Booster Game

Most of the Android devices come with the temperature control algorithm that reduces the clock speed of the processor in order to cool the device down, but DU Speed Booster changes the way app works, and shut it down if it is found to keep the processor busy. There is a specific score given out of 100, and the speed is increased when the Optimize button is hit.

The Accelerator in DU Speed Booster that comprises of Process Manager, Auto-start Manager, and the Freeze App Manager, each of which can be individually checked and set up, to make the overall performance of the device better. Sometimes, it is more about how the ROM is able to handle the apps and processes, but changing the ROM after rooting the phone isn’t an easy thing to do, and that is where functions like these come to good use.

DU Speed Booster Antivirus

On the security side, DU Speed Booster has antivirus scanner, and a permissions manager. The speed booster’s security feature also quickly scans all the apps and files in the smartphone, to make sure they are not infected by viruses or trojans.

DU Speed Booster Trash Cleaner

The Thrash cleaner does the clean up of junk files and cache, and even the files that are left over after the uninstallation of a particular application.

The recent app update has brought in, some very good functions that are worth noting and you’ll be able to check if you are already using the app.

DU Speed Booster Speed Test

  • A speed ranking readout is included, and this lets the user know about the Internet speeds in other countries
  • Network speed test feature is a new one included in the app, and this feature lets the user check the download & upload speeds, and it also allows the user to compare the speed with other users having the same app.
  • Safely remove pre-installed apps – This is a very useful feature for those users who have smartphones from brands like Samsung, Lenovo, who have a good number of pre-installed apps, most of which are not that useful.

Apart from these, the app now has a much better and a colorful interface for a different experience, especially when you don’t want to know you are using a serious app that does good for the device.

For those not fluent with English, the DU Speed Booster app supports several other languages, and all the ones that are supported include English, Indonesian, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Korean, French, German, Italian, Korean, Turkish and Thai.

The DU Speed Booster app for Android is a free download available on Google Play Store. Download from the link below.

[appbox googleplay com.dianxinos.optimizer.duplay]

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