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How to Root HTC Amaze 4G Android Phone

HTC AMAZE 4G LogoHTC Amaze 4G users can now root their phones easily. So, in the due course of this article we will see on how you can easily root the phone. For all those who wanted to know on exactly what rooting means or say what are the advantages as well as the disadvantages then we too will see over a due course of this article. Please note that it’s very important to follow the instructions carefully so as to ensure that the device is rooted successfully. Also, as soon as you root the phone the warranty of the phone will be lost. Please note that this rooting procedure should be only applied to the HTC Amaze phones and this procedure can’t be followed to root any other phones. The best part is that any of the HTC Amaze phones can be rooted on both the leading platforms which are the Mac as well as on the Windows based operating system. The best part of the

Disclaimer: We should not be held responsible in any manner if any damage happens to your device which is very unlikely if you follow each and every single instruction which is mentioned below. Also, please note that rooting the phone will void the warranty completely though the warranty can be re claimed as soon as you update with the default firmware.

What is Rooting?
Rooting is basically a technique wherein if a phone is rooted then it lets third party applications as well as the user to access the system level files which otherwise are not provided with the access so that the required amount of customizations can be made with the System which are generally done by the custom ROM installations. Let’s check out on what are the advantages and disadvantages of the rooting.

Advantages of Rooting:

  • First and Foremost, rooting allows the customizations like it allows the installation of Custom ROMs in the phone.
  • Allows you to convert file systems from the laggy RFS to the speedy EXT4,
  • Allows you to remove the system apps which come by default with the phone,
  • Allows you to apply host of other customizations

Disadvantages of Rooting:
The only disadvantage of rooting is that it voids the warranty but it can be reclaimed if you update your phone with the default firmware or with the factory firmware.

For your simplicity we have broken this article into different sections wherein you can easily follow the article without having any issues. In the due course of this article we will see first the list of pre requisites which needs to be followed and followed by which the instructions to root the phone.

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