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Samsung Galaxy S III GT-I9300 Camera Sample Photo Leaked

The Galaxy Nexus is the best thing in the world for Samsung as of now and the next big thing is the Galaxy S III phone from Samsung. Just as the rumours comes out that third generation Galaxy S phone will be released during Mobile World Congress 2012, we are in here for more rumours, speculations and observations.

There are still 50 odd days to go for the MWC 2012 event and everyone’s eye is on the Samsung Galaxy S III as it would be the Samsung’s flagship smartphones. Earlier we were able to get sneak preview into important specifications of Galaxy S III phone. Today we were able to get the Camera sample leaked. The following is the image taken on Galaxy S III phone and believe that it could be real although the EXIF data can be changed making it easier to fake.

Samsung Galaxy S III camera

According to Pocketnow, the image corresponds to EXIF data with details of the model as Samsung GT I9500 which is the next Samsung Galaxy S phone. And also the location where the photo is taken tracks to Suwon, South Korea a home to Samsung factory. The above image can be fake but expect that its real.

Going with the naming convention that Galaxy S was labelled as GT I9100 and Galaxy S II with GT I9100, Galaxy Nexus with GT I 9250 and so Galaxy S III would be GT I 9500. The Galaxy S II has 8 mega pixel camera and Galaxy Nexus had 5 mega pixel camera, it would be interesting to see the camera specifications of Galaxy S III phone. As we expect that it should be not less than 8 mega pixel and going further competitors have also announced 12 mega pixel handset, so we can assume that 12 mega pixel would be the clarity of Galaxy S III phone. And coming to the specifications, its for sure that it will have the Super AMOLED HD display screen and the device would be 4G ready with LTE capabilities. Get full specifications of Galaxy S III phone.

Here is our Samsung Galaxy S III Hands-On Review Smart Phone :

Image Credit : Android Community



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