Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus available via Expansys in Japan

The much talked Samsung Galaxy Nexus for the Ice Cream Sandwich first device now arrives Japan. The online shop retailer Expansys is selling the Samsung latest development in the form of Galaxy Nexus, the Google phone.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Japan

At the moment, the 16 GB version is available for purchase and the 32 GB version one is available for pre-order booking. The 16 GB Galaxy Nexus will take estimated 5 to 15 days for arrival for the delivery. The 16 GB model is costing 61,180 yen to the customers and it has just arrived with a limited stock at the warehouse. Expansys is expected to get much more devices soon in the coming days and will be able to distribute to the people who books it’s through their official site. There is not pricing information available for the 32 Gb version one.

If you from Japan and eagerly waiting to get the taste of Ice Cream Sandwich then be quick to order your device from Expansys.

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