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How to get Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Features on Galaxy Note II Within Minutes

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is easily one of the best Android smartphones / phablets right now, and some of the features in it are exclusive only to it and not available in any other device. For example, the Air Command feature for the S Pen. But thanks to the developers at the XDA forum, one can try to get those on their Samsung Galaxy Note II, the predecessor device that was launched last year. It did come with the S Pen, but the functionality was quite limited, and the Note 3’s S Pen got quite a huge upgrade.

The MOD you would be using on the Galaxy Note II would bring in the following features from the Galaxy Note 3:

  • Air Command
  • Pen Window
  • Screen Writer
  • Action Memo
  • Note 3 Gallery
  • Note 3 TouchWiz Launcher
  • Safety Assistance features
  • S Note
  • Sketchbook
  • S Planner

Samsung Galaxy Note II Note 3 MOD Home Samsung Galaxy Note II Note 3 MOD

This is not totally stable, as some of the users reported that the launcher of Note II was crashing quite often after they used this MOD, but still the features worked fine for them. It’s not a simple task to do directly, as you might have to meet a few criteria, including that the Note II should be rooted, and it should be running a custom recovery, and moreover this won’t work on the earlier Android versions, and the device should be running on the Android 4.3-based ROM for the Note 2 with XXEMI6 builds.

Some of the features are not working after the MOD install, and these include:

  • One-handed operation for some screens although you would be able to see it working fine for the keyboard, dialer etc.
  • Sometimes the Samsung Keyboard force closes when trying to use with the S Pen
  • Air View appears twice in the settings

How to get the Note 3 Features

  • Flash this MOD ROM v3: Click here
  • Flash this file to fix the missing frame on pen window and to get Note3 browser: Click here
  • Flash this file to get rid of the FC on launcher when you try to change lock screen wallpaper: Click here

Again, as a point of warning, more than half of the users we have seen testing it, are complaining of the frequent home screen crashing and you will have to bear with that while you try to enjoy the features given in the Note 3, on your Note 2 smartphone. To activate the Air Command feature, you need to go to the S Pen settings where you would be able to see the Air Command setting.




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