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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tips – Different Ways to Capture Screenshot

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 isn’t just another smartphone, because there are loads of features available to support the specifications that are packed in. The S Pen was always productive enough, but Samsung has made it even better by including the Air Command feature that has got five new features to make a good use of the interface, capturing screenshots, editing pictures and a lot more.

Below we share a tip on how you can capture the screenshots on the Galaxy Note 3, It’s not a hard task capturing a screenshot, but Samsung hasn’t limited it to a single way, but a few ways to take a screenshot and edit it directly without saving and then trying to go to the Gallery and edit from there. It is all made easier for people to save time and take advantage of the S Pen.

Note 3 Screenshot  S Pen

Capture Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

There are quite a few ways using which you can capture a screenshot on the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone, and these are as follows. Check out the video to make the understanding easier, but after the video are the actual explanations to each method.

Method 1 – Physical Keys

Using the physical keys is one of the traditional and easy ways to capture the screenshot and here, it’s nothing different. On the particular window which you want to capture, you need to press the Lock / Power button and the Home button together till the shutter sound is heard and there is a notification shown that the screenshot is being saved. It’s the easiest way to do it, but is limited to just taking the screenshot, and nothing else.

Method 2 – Using the S Pen Screen Write Feature

The Screen Write feature that is one of the five in the Air Command feature, is something that takes the capturing to the next level, where you can edit the screenshot with a lot of options, like cropping, writing text with pen, sketch, brush types with different colors and even if you feel the screenshot isn’t right, you can discard it from there itself. Once the editing is completed, the screenshot can be shared from the same screen.

To capture using this method, you need to hold the S Pen in the vicinity of the screen so that the pointer appears on the screen. Press the S Pen button and the Air Command would show up with the five features. In this, click on the third feature, i.e. Screen Write. It would take the screenshot and open the editor directly from there.

Method 3 – Using S Pen & Only Capture

The Screen Write function would help you not just in capturing the screenshot but also in editing the same, but there is one more way using which you can actually capture a screenshot just like you do with the physical keys, and here the screenshot is just sent to the Gallery under Screenshots folder. For that, you need to press and hold the S Pen button and then tap the screen with the S Pen when you are on the particular screen which is to be captured.

Method 4 – Using the Palm Gesture

The Palm gesture is something that Samsung has included as a special feature, where while you try to swipe the entire screen from one side to the other using your palm, the screenshot gets captured. This is a palm motion feature that would do the job for you.

Galaxy Note 3 Screenshot Palm Gesture

These were the different ways. Although I would mostly use the Physical method as it won’t be wise to always take the S Pen out to just capture one screenshot, but when there is some editing needed along, the Screen Write option in Air Command is the best one.

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