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How to use Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with One Hand – Shrink Display Option for All Screens

A good news for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 users, Samsung has included a feature into the Note 3 that would shrink (reduce) the screen size for the people who find it difficult to use this beast with a single hand. To be frank, many of us face this problem of using the big phablets in one hand or operate in one hand while you are travelling in a bus or train. Most of us think it is fun using big screens, in-fact it is! but not each and every time.


Samsung has brought in a new feature in Galaxy note 3, and that will be used for shrinking the screen size for easier use of the device holding it in one hand. This feature is called as “Use for all screens” and this option can be found in the settings of this Note 3 Smart phone. To turn on or off this feature the user needs to head to the Settings > Controls > One handed operations. The user can set up all the operations they want to control with one hand.

Shrink screen 3 Use for all Screens 1

Later after setting it up, users can shrink the display of the device giving a smaller image of the device that can be managed easily with one hand. Moreover this shrunken display can be moved anywhere to the screen according to the user comfort. For shrinking the display you just need to swipe the edges of the screen and the display will become smaller which can be dragged and moved anywhere.

The users can use this mode even while running applications, but if the application that is being used needs full screen will get back to normal screen mode. In this way the user can take advantage of both the small screen and also the bigger screen provided to the phablet. Hopefully we can see this feature hitting to other big screen devices too.

Own a big Screen device? Ever faced problem using it in one hand? Let us know by your comments below. We are sure the other users who own a large screen device but not a Galaxy Note 3 must be quite jealous already. Follow the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 section for the various tips and tricks for this particular device.

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