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How to Activate Flashlight / Torch on Samsung Galaxy S4 & Note 3 without App

Why to use an external app when your smartphone offers that features without a problem? that’s what is seen in the flagship devices from most of the brands, and we are talking of a feature that is available as a widget in the Samsung’s flagship devices – flashlight. There is a feature in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy S4 devices called the Assistive Light which is present as a widget in the smartphone.

This would come handy especially when you wanted to use the flash in the device as a flashlight / torch and would just open the Play Store to search for an app that would do it. But, is there a need? especially when there is a simple utility that would do the function easily, and avoid the load on the device with that external app installed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Assistive Flash

You of course won’t be able to find an app or shortcut for this, and should have to go to the App drawer and then tap the “Widgets” tab on the top, to open all the available widgets. You will see a 1×1 widget named “Assistive light” which is the one you need to hold and place it as a widget somewhere on one of the home screens.

Samsung Galaxy Assistive Light 1 Samsung Galaxy Assistive Light Widget

Once placed, you will just need to tap on the widget and it would activate the flash. With this, you won’t be able to play around and make it work like an intermittent flashing light or the disco light, but will be able to just use it as a normal flashlight whenever needed.

Samsung Galaxy Assistive Light Widget Placement Samsung Galaxy Assistive Light Widget Placed Samsung Galaxy Assistive Light Active

This would come quite handy when you really were in a need of the flashlight and at that certain point, there wasn’t an internet connection available. This would be lot better than turning the video recording on with the flash activated (yeah, many used to do that and habits don’t go away easily). We had earlier shared quite a few tips, such as capturing screenshots on Galaxy Note 3 and others, which you can check out in the Note 3 archive. The trick given above works with both, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and also the Galaxy S4, and it’s exactly the same in both the devices.

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