Galaxy Note GT-N5100

Samsung Galaxy Note 7.7-inch or 8-inch GT-N5100 Version – Rumored Specs and Details

We earlier knew only about the Benchmarking tests and the rumors through that, but now there are several more details that are being rumored about the 8-inch Galaxy Note from Samsung, which still could be the 7.7-inch version or the 8-inch one. The details that we got to know are that the model GT-N5100 would be the 3G version, and the Wi-Fi only version will be coded GT-N5110. These Galaxy Note devices would be powered by the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS and would have a 1280 x 800 pixels screen resolution on them, while there’s internally a Quad-core processor clocking at 1.6GHz supported by 2GB of RAM. The Internal storage options are 16GB and 32GB, while this can be expanded using the MicroSD card. The battery included would be a whooping 4600 mAh one, and the thickness of the Galaxy Note GT-N5100 would be 7.95mm, with the dimensions being 211.3 x 136.3 x 7.95 mm and the device would weigh around 330gm.

These all devices are supposedly going to come during the MWC 2013 event, and Samsung has plans to come up with several phones at the event. We’ll confirm the official details from the event.

Earlier: Dec 24th, 2012
The Galaxy Note series from Samsung right now has got three different devices – the first gen Galaxy Note with the 5.3 inch screen, the Galaxy Note II with the 5.5 inch screen, and the tablet device i.e. Galaxy Note 10.1 device. Samsung reportedly has been working on the fourth model now, with the GT-N5100 being sent through the various benchmarking tests. The GL Benchmarking website showed the model number and the benchmarking results, but not everything was revealed there, as always.

Galaxy Note GT N5100 Benchmark

We had reported about the DLNA certification earlier, a couple months back. And now, with the device going through the benchmarking tests, we are expecting to see the company announcing the phone in the first quarter of 2013, and that would be the best time as the hybrid size of 7.7 inches for the screen would attract a lot of users, and that would be the same time when Samsung could be coming up with the S4 model. The tablet (naming it a tablet would be apt for that screen size) would be coming with the Android Jelly Bean OS.

Nov 1st, 2012
Samsung doesn’t seem to settle itself with the wide range of phones and devices already with varied screen sizes, ranging from 3-inch to 10.1-inch, and the Galaxy Note too has the 5-inch and 10-inch versions already, and there have been a round of rumors that it is working on a 7.7-inch version of the Galaxy Note, and the solid proof for the model was the DLNA Test Certificate that is making the rounds all around the web, with the Product Name GT-N5100.

There could be not much information extracted from this, because DLNA certification is the test of capabilities and features that are tested by DLNA, and only the model code was found, but there have been quite a few rumors claiming that this device could come with the Tegra 3 processor and it would have both the SIM and Wi-Fi versions available based on the results saying that it is a Mobile Digital Media Server and Mobile Digital Media Controller. The reason for Samsung to come up with a 7.7-inch version of the tablet could be probably to match a size that could blend exactly between the 5-inch phablets and the large 10-inch tablet devices, and a Mini-tablet device could actually be experienced by the end users.

Samsung GT-N5100 DLNA

Samsung has a big list of tablet devices like the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 1 and Galaxy Tab 2 7-inch versions, the Galaxy Note, Note II and Note 10.1 tablet but the Note category has been a step ahead due to the modified features, and the S Pen, along with its dedicated apps to play around with, increasing productivity in the end.
Too early to come up with any strong claims or expectations, because the GT-N5100 has to still get listed into the FCC records, and this might be the early developmental stages of the device. Though this could be a perfect timing for the tablet device to enter the market if it has got an actual 7.7-inch screen, where the Apple iPad Mini could be facing a strong competition along with the Google Nexus 7 tablet device.

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