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Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 Benchmark Test Video

Antutu Benchmark LogoAre you planning to buy a smart phone which is truly unmatched and offers the flexibility so as to match all your needs as well as standards then we will not force you to buy one, the option is yours as after all you are the one who will be spending for the same and will have to pass through your benchmarked litmus test so as to go for it. So, in the due course of this article  we will see on what is the benchmarking scores of the latest and most powerful smart phone as of now on Earth, any Guesses? Yes, it’s none other than the Samsung Galaxy S II GT I9100 which is not only powerful smart phone but also is a true guide for all your needs.

Gone are the days where in you had to purchase the box packed phones even before experiencing it as nowadays you have got the Experience centres available wherein you can feel and have a look on how the phone exactly looks in terms of both feel as well as performance and then take a call on whether to buy the phone or not. So, in this article we will speak on the bench markings which you should look for before purchasing the phone so as to ensure that your phone is faster than others if you are the one who wants the best performing phone then it’s got to be no other phone other than Samsung Galaxy S GT I9100 as it gives the best Quadrant Index which depicts that this smart phone is a powerful one.

Features of AnTuTu Benchmark Application:

  • So, an application which we will be watching in the below shown Video is the “Antutu Benchmark” Benchmarking tool which is a free application available in an all new Android Market Place. Basically a benchmarking test gives out a total detailed report on the core aspects of “Performance” like Battery usage, Graphics, Reading as well as the Writing Speed of the SD Card, 2D-3D GRAPHICS test.

AnTuTu Benchmark

  • If you have a look at the various options which it will be checking is the CPU Integer, CPU Float Point, 2D Graphics, 3D Graphics, Database IO, SD Card Write, SD Card Read, CPU Frequency and also last but not the least is the total and overall score of the benchmarking.

Test Screen - Antutu Benchmark

  • The score which we got after the test was the 5756 and when the same benchmarking tool was checked on the Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 which was the predecessor of the Galaxy S2 GT I9100 then we got a score of around 3500. As the Galaxy S was powered by a Single Core 1 GHz processor it was a lower score and since the Galaxy S2 is powered with a mighty dual core 1.2 GHz processors the Benchmarking Quadrant score will be really higher.

Test Results - Antutu Benchmark

  • First up you will have to download this application either from the Android market Place or by scanning the QR Code which is mentioned at the end of this article. Now, once this application is downloaded and installed, open the same on your phone.
  • Now, once you open the application, you will find a tab on the upper part of the screen called “Test”, just tap on the same. You can either select the options which you want to test after which just tap on the option of “Start Test” which will begin the test.
  • Once you start the process, the test will be started and it will take quite a bit of time to perform the test as it checks all the components which are there in the phone. The tests which are performed ranges from CPU Floating Point, Canvas test, Open GL Test, 3D Graphics test which measures the Frames per second, database IO performance, Speed of SD Card Write as well as the Read speed. That’s it you can now see that a final score will be presented on the Screen as shown in the Video.

The detailed result page will include the parameters like RAM, CPU Integer, CPU Float point, 2D Graphics, 3D Graphics, Database IO, SD Card Write, SD Card Read followed by the total score. Do, share us your benchmarking scores which you have got after performing this test on your Android smart Phone. Also, if you have any such applications which you have liked it better than this one too can be mentioned in the comments section below so that we as well as other fellow readers can make the most of the same. We have also mentioned the QR Code of this application so that you can scan the same to download it or alternatively you can download this application from the direct Android Market Place link.

QR Code for Antutu Benchmark App:

QR Code of AnTuTu  Benchmark

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