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Samsung Galaxy S5 gets Stability OTA Update prior to Launch – Details, How to Update

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is finally hitting the stores tomorrow, i.e. on April 11th, and you would be welcomed by not just a welcome screen and a new interface, but also a software update which is already being sent to the devices which are out in some places, not officially though. This update doesn’t do anything major, and the update note should be just a relief for the users, as it brings in more stability to the OS.

The software update marked as XXU1ANCE is of around 30MB in size, and there are some minor tweaks that would be done in the interface to make it more stable, than what it already would be, out of the box.

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Galaxy S5 Update

The release notes includes the following text in German:
Während der Installation können Sie ihr Gerät nicht verwenden, einschließlich Notrufe. Die Symbole auf dem Startbildschirm und die Gerateeinstellungen werden moglicherweise auf die Standardeinstellungen zuruckgesetzt. Sie mussen dann nach der Installation neu konfigureirt werden. Nach der Installation bleiben Ihre Daten erhalten.

During installation, you can not use your equipment, including emergency calls. The icons on the home screen and the random settings are possibly changed back to the default settings. You must then be re-configured after installation. After installation, your data is retained.

Although most of the major markets are going to see the device sell from April 11th, South Korea has been quicker and the device is already being sold there because soon the government might be imposing a ban on the sales of the Galaxy S5, and thus the retailers have made a quick release.

For those who are buying the smartphone, you might be seeing the update popup when you connect to the Internet, but if you don’t see it, a manual check might be required by going to Settings > Updates where the update might be shown.


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