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Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Camera Review and Interface

You’re one of those who thinks that a smartphone camera is enough to do a job of any digital camera these days. Well, let us tell you that you might be right, at least halfway through it. There are few important things to be noted for a smartphone camera if you want to go on an adventure with it. And we have not tested anything extreme with the new Samsung Galaxy S6, but with the initial results, we think it may be on the path to becoming the best camera smartphone of the year.



Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge gets a 16MP rear camera module which is basically the same that is found in Galaxy Note 4, last year’s phablet king. Now with the addition of the new camera lens, which are upgraded to f/1.9 gives more room for the light to enter. Meaning, the photos will be much brighter than what Note 4 camera was capable of, now if you read our review of the Note 4, then you’ll know how interesting that sounds. The low light visibility shouldn’t scare you to click a moment with the all-new Galaxy S6. While the new focal lens is an amazing addition to the device, the Optical Image Stabilization feature would be the key to a quality media recording, especially those videos where you require zooming extremely. While at front, it sport a 5MP snapper, which just might be the best of all, one of the points to be noted about it is that it packs a wide-angle lens, which would give you a much wider selfie shots.


The interface, in particular, has received a lot of flak, mostly because of the too many complications. It’s not wrong of Samsung to provide as many as features possible on the camera app. But company have to understand that users to don’t complications when they want to capture a moment while it last, there’s no point using a camera app that doesn’t let you shift modes fast, so that you don’t miss to capture those moments. While the camera app is also revamped on the S6 and S6 Edge, there are many elements that would remind you the complexity of the app found on S5.

Though, the most of the features are now streamlined on the TouchWiz camera app; now it is unobtrusive than ever. The Samsung users won’t have issues as they would be familiar with app features. Most of the features on the camera app are similar to what can be found in the S5 and Note 4, those features are fast motion, slow motion, real-time HDR preview, and panorama have been the standard of most of the company’s flagship devices.

There are few modes like Pro mode, and Virtual Shot, which are new to the camera app on S6 and S6 Edge. The Pro mode allows you to control the extensive features manually, eventually allowing you manually to set the things like ISO, exposure correction, white balance, manual focusing, as well as metering. Whereas in Virtual Shot, you get to experience the GIF file that is paired up with the photosphere. When you complete shooting the object from all sides with a circular motion, and then if you move your phone around shifting the perspective, the resulting image will be changed correspondingly. It will ultimately enable you to change the view of the object from all sides. And it’s all combined into a single file, amazing? Right!

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While the front camera have modes like, selfie, wide-selfie, which is basically a selfie camera. As well as it also features a virtual shot and interval shots. You should also know that its front cam is capable to capture live HDR images. So, aren’t you impressed yet? Well, these below camera samples should do the work then.

Camera Samples

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