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7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung, the South Korean giant, has finally pulled off the curtains from its highly anticipated Galaxy S6. As the rumors suggested, we saw the launch of two variants, Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S6 Edge. So, one has flat screen, and other has dual edge screen. The new design on these two handsets has taken a complete makeover and taken a quantum leap in designing.

Though, the Galaxy S6 might not feature a curved display, but the company has spiced up the user experience with some great upgrades. In any case, if you missed out that Unpacked event at the MWC, then we you can take a quick look at what exactly was the fuss about the amazing new Galaxy S6.

Design – Premium Feel

Samsung users have been complaining about the company’s premium S series of handsets for quite a time now, that they are built with cheap materials considering the high price point. But this time company have made its consumers wish true, as the new design replaces the plastic body with full metal. Moreover, to protect the body, it is covered with latest Corning Gorilla Glass 4 on both the side. Yes, that’s right, that protection is available on both the side. It now looks more premium than ever, and with 5.1-inch display size, the device is as compact as any flagship can go.

Display – Bumped up to 2K

Samsung Galaxy S6 - Display

This time around the company has bumped up the display to Quad HD (2560 x 1440), which is the highest resolution of the display you can find on a smartphone. Moreover, company have made its size compact and somehow managed to put a 2K display in a 5.1-inch display, which makes its pixel density to whopping 577 PPI that is way higher than the pixel density of iPhone 6, which is 326 PPI. As well as it is Super AMOLED display, so there is no comparing this display with anyone.

Processor – Exynos it is

Company decided not to use the Snapdragon 810 chipset and has gone ahead with a choice of using its homegrown processor, the Exynos. While some countries always got the Exynos variants of their flagship, but this time it would be only one processor rather than two chipset based variants. The new Exynos comes with highly talked 14nanometre architecture, which is very efficient according to the company. But the company has stated that they will plan for a Snapdragon variant in the future if need be. But for now, expect the Samsung’s Exynos 7 Octa-core chipset to be your companion if you have plans to purchase this anytime during its global roll out starting, April 10. To get your facts straight, the chipset contains two quad-core processors that clocks at 2.1 GHz and 1.5 GHz respectively.

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RAM – Run without lags

Samsung loves its numbers, and with new Samsung Galaxy S6, company decided to do just that. So, here we are, the S6 now packs a super fact LPDDR4 RAM, and the number is increased to 3GB. With that much of RAM on the new flagship, you don’t have to worry about the TouchWiz being slow or not responsive. Along with efficient Exynos processor, it can surely be a snappy performer. 40% Less software on the UI is what Samsung claimed which would lead to better performance

Camera – Better than ever

Samsung Galaxy S6 - Rear Camera

While many would argue that the 16MP camera module on the rear is still the same that was found in Note 4 and S5. But the company has employed a faster lens that has never been seen on the previous models of the company. It features a f/1.9, which makes its aperture even bigger than S5 and Note 4‘s lens. Meaning more light can be captured by the module, which would eventually mean better photos. And as per the digital image stabilization on the S5, the S6 improves that with OIS, the optical image stabilization. That’s the reason camera module is popped out little more than what was on S5.

TouchWiz – Lollipop Effects

It might be Android Lollipop effect or increased RAM or Octa-core processor that the TouchWiz feel snappier. But you would not believe if we say that the new UI doesn’t have half as much as bloatware that is found on the previous year’s flagships. It is now more streamlined and provides quicker usage points. Though, company hasn’t just bid goodbyes to its S Voice or S Finder features because honestly they are quite useful features of their devices. But there are few new apps like Microsoft’s OneDrive and OneDrive.

Wireless Charging – Finally here

Company decided to ditch the replaceable battery that was found in Note 4 and S5 with a non-removable battery, a change that most of its users won’t like. But then, the unibody design will cost you that much, and Samsung was all about the Design and Design on their new flagships this year. But these devices does support wireless charging, which was absent on the previous flagships. It supports wireless charging via WPC and PMA using company’s charging pad. While if you want to use the traditional microUSB cable, then you get an additional benefit of charging it up to 505 in half hour.

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