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Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 3.6 Music Player

Samsung Galaxy S 3.6If you go to the market and check out various music players you would find that they are evolved. They are not just the music players anymore but they come with lot of features. Going to the iPod evolution, it slowly started video integration and then games, which means that it has done more than just playing music. The Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4 and Galaxy S Wi-Fi 5 that we have compared last time are doing everything that a smartphone can do, except the calls.

Anyways the news is, Samsung has announced Galaxy S WiFi 3.6 which you think might be a mobile phone when you see the image on the right top but it is a portable media player. Samsung announced it at IFA 2011 event held at Berlin and it don’t fall in smartphones or tablet category. With a dozen of products unveiled at IFA 2011 from Samsung, Galaxy S Wi-Fi 3.6 is one among them and I was surprised to see Galaxy Note which also doesn’t fall in mobile phone or tablet but it’s a combo of both.

By looking at Galaxy S WiFi 3.6, one could easily say that this is simply the 3.6 addition to Samsung’s existing 4 inches and 5 inches Galaxy S players. The 3.6 inches variant in comparison is in the same strength as of iPod touch. It comes with 8 GB / 16 GB of internal memory storage options along with other functions like Calender, Alarm and email services.

Galaxy S WiFi 3.6 features a 3.6 inches touch screen display with 1 GHz OMAP processor with a maximum resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. The media player has a 3 mega pixel rear facing camera along with a VGA camera on the front side. Obviously why one would go with AMOLED for media players and so this is a lower resolution display screen. The music player runs on Android Gingerbread operating system powered by Google.

The media player includes Wi-Fi, GPS for navigation and Bluetooth for wireless file transfer and reception. It also includes USB 2.0 connectivity for PC connection and charging. It has Accelerometer, Compass. More than a media player it can support internet browsing with HTML and flash supported. So you can watch YouTube videos and stream music from various sites.

Galaxy S WiFi 3.6 Price & Availability

The Galaxy S WiFi 3.6 is already available in United Kingdom at a price of $ 242 of 8 GB model and 16 GB version is priced at $ 274. It is not yet available in United States and there is no pricing or availability has confirmed yet for US and other countries.

Perhaps this would appeal to those who want a dedicated media player device than going along with a smartphone. So if iPod touch isn’t your choice and if you are looking for something cheaper than go ahead with Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 3.6.



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