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Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.0 vs Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 Comparison

You might be looking for music players in the market but even music players have evolved these days. They aren’t just music players anymore, they come with a lot more features. Looking back at the iPod, as it slowly got video and games, it began to do more things than just playing music and we’ve grown much faster with music players like the iPod Touch and Samsung Galaxy Wifi doing everything am iPhone or an Android based smartphone can do, without the calls.

We’re now taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy Wifi, two versions of them which are portable media devices which allow you to do much much more than listening to music and watching videos as they’re based on the Android platform, come with Wifi Internet connectivity and provide full access to the Android market from where you can download tons of apps on the device.


Samsung Galaxy Wifi 4Samsung Galaxy Wifi 5


The Galaxy Wifi 4.0 comes with a WVGA Super LCD Capacitive Touchscreen of resolution  480 x 800 and supports upto 16 Million Colors. Super LCD Screens are high resolution screens from Samsung which are used in various devices, including the Galaxy SL i9003 and have excellent aspect ratio and outdoor brightness. On the other side, the Galaxy Wifi 5.0 comes with a 480 x 800 pixels 5.0 inch Super LCD Capacitive Touchscreen which works on the same WVGA based technology as well.

Both the devices have two touch sensitive buttons below the screen and a physical button which acts as an Optical trackpad as well. You can use your fingers to roll over them to navigate four way in the Android Operating system and press it for selecting options, making it a 5-Way navigational key.

If you are looking for portability and such, choose the 4 inch version. Otherwise, the 5 incher would be a nice buy for all that entertainment you can carry along and enjoy on the big screen. HD Movies and Gaming, worth carrying a bigger screen device for the experience.


Both these devices come with a 3.15 MP camera on the rear which takes photos upto a maximum resolution of 2048×1536 pixels and they come with autofocus. There’s LED flash on the rear on the Galaxy Wifi 5.0 while the 4.0 inch does not. Both the devices record video too, at the rate of 15 frames per second.

The Galaxy S Wifi 4.0 and 5.0 come with a front facing camera. This is still very useful though you might not be able to do 3G Video calls, as there a number of apps on Android like Skype, Google Talk and Fring which support Video Calling. And since both the devices come with Wifi, it shouldn’t take a lot of time before you can setup a video call with a friend over Wifi and enjoy it.


The Galaxy Wifi comes with 8GB of memory on the internal side and supports microSD cards upto 32 Gigabytes. On the other side, the Galaxy S WiFi have two variants, one comes with 16GB of internal storage and the other with 32GB of internal storage. However, both the versions of the Galaxy WiFi 5.0 support microSD card support upto 32GB and that would mean you can carry upto 64GB of entertainment right in your pocket!


Since these are portable entertainment devices, they do not come with a SIM Card slot and do not support 2G or 3G based internet connections. However, WiFi is available on both the devices and has been upgraded to the latest standards. 802.11 b / g / n are seen along with DLNA support for Samsung TVs.

The Galaxy S WIfi 4.0 and Galaxy S Wifi 5.0 have Bluetooth 3.0 and Wifi Hotspot/Portable Hotspot feature is available only on the both.

Operating System and UI:

Both the devices are based on Samsung’s TouchWiz UserInterface over Android. They run on Android 2.2 Froyo which has been customized exclusively for the Galaxy S WiFi devices by removing the phone and messaging apps. An update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread is coming soon, according to Samsung.

Battery and Processor

The portable players have a lot of juice packed in them, even smartphones of the same or bigger screen sizes and more powerful processors don’t sport such a heavy battery. Both the Galaxy S Wifi 4.0 and 5.0 have 2500mAh of battery which would last upto 60hours of music playback or even more depending on the optimization of usage.

With optimal gaming, music and video, the Galaxy S Wifi devices should run easily for 12-14 hours.

Other points & Conclusion

As you’re looking in the market for competitors such as the iPod Touch 4th Generation from Apple and some other portable media devices, you must check out the Galaxy WiFi devices from Samsung. They’re amazing value for money and as they run on Android, there are a lot of possibilities opening up and one can do much much more than videos, gaming and calls. Look out on the budget and portability, if you’re looking for a sleek device that fits in your pocket, go for the Galaxy S WiFi 4.0 or if you don’t mind carrying a slightly bigger device which can provide you with much better entertainment, go for the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 .



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