Fix GPS on Samsung Galaxy SL i9003 for Accurate Location

Galaxy SL I9003 GPS LogoJust like the Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 had problems with the GPS initially, though it solved the issue at a later stage with the Android 2.2 Froyo update, now Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 which is the same phone which looks like Galaxy S I9000, the difference being the on lesser board memory, camera is Powered by flash in I9003 and the screen as Galaxy SL I9003 comes along with the Super Clear LCD screen and not to forget all this costs lesser than the AMOLED laden Galaxy S GT I9000 by a whopping around not less than 5-6k INR.

So, repeating with what Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 devices which launched with Eclair 2.1 version had occurred, Galaxy SL owners too are facing the GPS issue. So, let’s check out on how you can rectify that with a simple patch which will take care that the GPS in your Galaxy SL I9003 is fixed. The GPS problem can be fixed very easily, you need not even require to update your device with any sorts of firmware or go through any lengthy processes. All you need to do is to just follow the simple procedure and you are done with the fixing of GPS issue which actually shows the wrong location. Just after applying the software patch as mentioned below, the location in your phone will be correctly shown so that all your location based services like facebook, foursquare, Google Maps etc. work very well without any issues.

Many of the users had an issue that the GPS only worked for 15-20 seconds after turning it ON and then it turned off automatically. Keeping in mind that it’s very frustrating at times, let’s see on how to fix the same. Basically there are two tweaks with which you can improve or correct the GPS bug with which you are being shown wrong locations. Though it’s recommended to follow both the tweaks to get the best ever performance of GPS even in indoors but if you wish to just improve the location and make it as normal then just follow the procedure 1 to fix it. The below mentioned tweaks can be applied to all the Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 phones which are present Worldwide. Please note that we should not be held responsible if you apply the below patch to any other phone model, so ensure that you follow each and every below mentioned step carefully.

Procedure 1 to fix GPS (Patch):

  • First up you will have to ensure that your phone’s model name is Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 and not any other phone so as to facilitate proper bug fixing of the GPS.
  • After identifying them ensure that the GPS is turned Off and not switched ON in any manner and also close all location based services preferably.
  • With the help of dialer, dial this alpha numeric code “*#*#3214789650#*#*” which basically opens up the Lib Test Mode or directly too you can open the same.
  • Now, after this below the “Applications Settings”, you will have to change the “Timeout(s)” to 100 and then after this under the “SUPL / CP Settings” you will have to change the Server and Port to and the port number needs to be entered as 7276.
  • GPS Status I9003 1

Now, all you need to do is to just reboot the phone as to apply the changes effectively in your phone. As you can see that in the screen shot which is shown above the GPS Satellite status  has been shown and out of 8 satellites its showing that 5 are being detected successfully.

Procedure 2 to fix GPS (Tweak):

  • Just in case after following the above step, you are not getting accuracy of 100% then all you need to do is to just follow the below trick. This fix is being implemented so as to facilitate the better Antenna capability with the help of a simple and home remedy which is possible with the help of Aluminium foil which is available freely in most of the homes.
  • GPS Status I9003 2GPS Status I9003 3

  • With this tweak which is shown in the above screen shot you will not only constantly get 30-40SNR in gps test but will get with a constant 5meters of accuracy which is almost equivalent to the accurate location. This technique basically enhances the antenna power by increasing the antenna size as Aluminium is a metal and can catch signals efficiently. The aluminium foil needs to be folded in the small cylindrical roll as you can see in the below photo where the aluminium foil needs to be accommodated.
  • Place Aluminium foil

So, that’s it just by following the above two simple tips you have successfully improved the GPS location of your Samsung Galaxy SL I9003.  Do let us know if you still face any issues while accesing the GPS even after performing the above two tweaks as mentioned in the above tutorial.



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