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Samsung President shows Galaxy S3 at CES Press Conference – Video

Samsung doesn’t need CES or MWC or any other event to announce their new handsets. It’s clear with Galaxy Ace Plus announcement which came just before CES was about to commence. The Samsung Galaxy S III will be announced at Mobile World Congress which will be held in the last week of February and all the Android users are eagerly await for the successor of the highest selling Android super phone.  There are no details of the Galaxy S 3 and still the speculations continues to flow in. Among the early speculations and rumors we have leaked sample photo of Galaxy S III and leaked specifications of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy SIII

At CES Press Conference Tim Baxter the Samsung President showcased the future of Consumers Electronics Show. What? Do we have any connection with title of this article? Of course we do have, during the video here, it might hold an interesting reveal of Samsung upcoming handset. Yes, we are talking of the Galaxy S III. To make it clear cut, in the official video of Samsung in the press conference a combination of mix features from Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note was shown, hinted to be Galaxy S III.

Galaxy S III is supposed to be a base of upcoming Galaxy handsets by Samsung and we will see many makeovers from the existing Galaxy handsets. In the video, the most noticeable feature is the bezel which is much thinner than we saw it with Galaxy S II, so expecting a thinner form factor in Galaxy S III. However the phone looks very much different from Galaxy S II and we have home button at the centre just like we saw in Galaxy Note. However there is no more resemblance from Galaxy Note as the front facing camera is located on the top extreme left and ear piece is at the center while its on the right side in Galaxy Note.

Its clear that Samsung doesn’t want to introduce the replica of what Apple might consider infringements and surely the design is not the replica of iPhone 4S. The design is more inspired from the mix bread of Galaxy Note and Galaxy S 2 phones.

Is this Galaxy S III phone in the video –



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