Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch with Super-AMOLED Display, Strap Camera

Samsung Galaxy GearSamsung has made the Galaxy Gear, their first smartphone official with a beautiful 1.63-inch AMOLED touchscreen, and a built-in camera. That’s awesome already, right? there’s a lot more stuff included, which even gives 70 pre-installed apps for users to take advantage of the gadget.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear comes with a 320×320 pixels screen resolution on the 1.63 inch Super AMOLED display, and the camera lies on the strap of the Gear. It surely doesn’t capture any high-res photos but a camera on the wrist watch is more than what one would want to have. The Galaxy Gear can capture 10-second videos at 720p quality, and it has got a 1.9 megapixel BSI sensor and an auto-focus lens.

There’s an 800 MHz processor included in the smartwatch, and it comes with Atooma, a platform which powers the smartness of the Galaxy Gear.

The connectivity options that you get in the Gear includes Bluetooth® v 4.0 + BLE, and the sensors included are Accelerometer and Gyroscope. There’s a 512MB RAM that would make things happen with ease, and the storage that is included in the wearable gadget is 4GB. The 315 mAh battery is a Li-ion one just like what we see in the smartphones, and we won’t be able to comment on the battery life although the company might claim a lot.

Galaxy Gear

There’s S Voice in the Galaxy Gear, where you make all the voice commands and control even some of the smartphone functions through the Gear and you don’t need to touch the smartphone at all, as you get to make the calls and talk directly through the smartwatch.

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It’s about the oddly-placed camera which lies on the strap, and the 1.9-megapixel lens does quite a fine job by capturing both photos and videos, while helping you in making the social sharing easier, as you don’t have to hold the huge smartphones in the hand always.

Color options of the Galaxy Gear

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is available in the following color options:

  • Jet Black
  • Mocha Gray
  • Wild Orange
  • Oatmeal Beige
  • Rose Gold
  • Lime Green

Samsung Galaxy Gear Availability

It’s a shocker to see that the compatibility of the Galaxy Gear is said to be with only the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Note 10.1, but this could change later on as Samsung won’t keep things much limited. The Galaxy Gear is going to be available from September 25th.

It’s almost confirmed now that the Galaxy Gear from Samsung is going to launch on September 4th 2013, at the IFA event and there are now more details along with the photos of the actual smartwatch worn. It’s easy to understand that the OLED displays and all were just a rumor, but Samsung isn’t coming with a very basic wearable device because there’s a lot to offer, with some good specs and a camera just beside the flat screen.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Samsung Smartwatch

As for the camera, it’s going to be a 4-megapixel shooter and the Galaxy Gear is going to have a 3-inch square screen which although looks good, it’s quite big for the wrists. There would be no pairing required because there is built-in Wi-Fi in the Galaxy Gear which would help in the functionality. VentureBeat was the one who leaked a couple photos of the smartwatch, and it shows quite a lot about the screen and the placement of the buttons and camera.

It’s claimed to have around 10 hours of battery life, and we can confirm whether the 10 hours of battery is for the continuous functioning of just the time for the watch to be alive on charge without doing anything. We’ll wait till 4th Sep to get the actual details.

Earlier: August 21st 2013 by Chetan Bhawani

Samsung Galaxy Gear Prototype Concept.With the date coming near, more and more details have been coming out about the Samsung Smartwatch named the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which is almost confirmed to be launched on September 4th, when Samsung is going to hold the events in New York as well as in Berlin.

It is said that the Gear would be having the square high-quality OLED displays with the 2.5-inch of diagonal width, and a dual core processor along with a neat battery life. Earlier SamMobile reported that the Smartwatch could be having Samsung Exynos 4212 dual core 1.5GHz with Mali-400 MP4 GPU and a 320 x 320 resolution display.

It would be having a Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to connect to the smartphones, and there could be a camera too integrated into the strap. If all these are true, no other smartwatch could beat this in the league. Let’s wait till the official details are out, but you should be excited looking at this leaked data.

Earlier: July 28th, by Chetan Bhawani

Recently, there have been a lot of rumors about the SmartWatch from Samsung which was being planned by the company, and now finally there’s some signs of it with the details showing that the company was shipping a Watch accessory for the R&D purpose from Korea to India. A listing on Zaumba confirmed about the “coming soon” status of something cool from Samsung, and the Korean manufacturer could be bringing it out into the scene during the IFA 2013 in Berlin.


The website lists that SM-VL700WATCH accessory is shipped on 24th July and there are 3 units being sent for the Research and development. When there are just independent teams apart from Sony who has done something in the smartwatch category, and with Samsung getting their eyes on it would be a big news, which would also provoke other big brands such as Apple to do such stuff in the coming future.

samsung smartwatch details

There are sources even claiming that Germany is the only country which has got a device for the testing of the firmwares, and this sparks more claims that the launch is headed for the IFA event. The firmware being tested out right now is V700XXUAMG8/V700OXAAMG8/

There are even a few rumors that the smartwatch could be called the Samsung Gear, but there’s nothing related to it mentioned like the one talking about the firmware and shipping of the product. The import data said that the port of discharge was Bangalore Air Cargo, and the value per piece was INR 24,442, i.e. INR 73,326 for 3 units. If this is something near truth, the SmartWatch is going to be around USD 500? Let’s see in the coming days.

Talking about any well known brands which have already had their trials on the smartwatches, it’s Sony who recently came up with the Sony SmartWatch 2, which has got a touchscreen and a lot of options. If you are thinking of something more advanced, and don’t care about the brand / team behind it, check out the Kreyos Meteor, with the gesture and voice control.

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