Samsung working on Android Smartphone with 3-sided Bended Display – Details

Samsung is reportedly working on an Android smartphone which is going to have the display on three sides – front, left and right pane areas which mostly have the physical buttons in the various smartphones. This would be a bended display and the smartphone would be a part of the Galaxy series. The Youm technology which Samsung had used in the Galaxy Round, is going to be used in this one and it would be an upgraded Youm technology to be precise.

Samsung Galaxy 3-sided smartphone photo

Samsung Galaxy 3-sided smartphone

These details went public when Samsung applied for the Patent and the details were listed on website with the several photos explaining what the concept is, and what the smartphone would look like, with the three sides of the phone having an active and responsive display. The patent application explained about the bended or wrapped display around the three sides and the use-cases of it.

It is just the Patent application that is done for now, and thus there are no reports whether Samsung is coming up with this smartphone any time soon or would take some time, but Bloomberg reports that Samsung might launch this in the second half of 2014.

keeping aside the worth of this, and the actual application of this on a smartphone, we do ask a question (which goes by the lines of what we asked when LG G2 review was done), do we actually need this new technology practically in the smartphones so soon when the standard displays and buttons do the job perfectly? Isn’t Samsung in a hurry to again be the first in the line to do something and attract the buyers? let’s see when we see more of it in real. Though for now it is interesting to see that Samsung has been able to think of a lot of use-cases for this technology and they are thinking big about the application of the 3-sided display in a smartphone.


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