Samsung SM-G430 Phablet leaks with a 5.5-inch 1080p display – Details

A latest Samsung handset SM-G430 has surfaced through an import listing from an Indian website specializing in these things. A few units have made it to the subcontinent for R&D purposes already. Samsung is known for making phones in all shapes and sizes. The device has been imported into India through the past two weeks, for ‘R & D purposes’, and not for sale. Samsung has an R&D wing in India, which is where the devices have been routing.

Samsung SM-G430



According to the leak, the phone will feature a 5.5-inch display panel. The display on the device will have a 1920 x 1080p full HD resolution. Going by the clock speed of the processor, the device will sport a Qualcomm SoC, most likely the Snapdragon 801, which has the exact clock speed. This SoC comes with inbuilt 4G LTE Cat. 4 connectivity, gigabit Wi-Fi, and a powerful Adreno 330 GPU. The SM-G430 will run on — Android 4.4 KitKat.

Last week, Galaxy S6 arrived in India for testing. The handset, also known as “Project Zero” was spotted on Zumba – an India import tracking website. The entry clearly mentions that it’s ‘for R&D purpose’ and that it’s not a retail unit. The entry is dated 17th December, which is when the phone made its way into the country from South Korea. The device model reads ‘SM G920F’; the suffixed ‘F’ signifies it being a European variant. The entry also mentions the import price to be Rs 18,938 which is roughly US$300.

Specifications of a smartphone in the Samsung’s new Galaxy J series leaked online, earlier this week. The first handset in the J line will be the Galaxy J1, which bears the model number SM-J100.The Samsung Galaxy J1 will have a 4.3-inch 480×800 TFT LCD touchscreen, a 5 MP rear camera, and a 2 MP front snapper. It will be powered by a Marvell PXA1908 chipset, which has a 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU.

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