How to Send, Recieve and Store SMS Text Messages of Android Phone From Laptop or PC

Texting and chatting from mobile phones has become a thing of the past with people preferring chatting through services like Facebook messenger, Gtalk, Whats App, Line etc which provide free chatting services, but there will be some friends who do not use these services and you are forced to chat through your little phone which you do not prefer over the larges screen and the bigger keyboard of your laptop or PC.

In case your mobile phone dose not work or respond or the touch screen gives problems you end up helpless and stuck by having no other option to text your friends. so here is an app which will connect your PC or Laptop to your android mobile phone and will allow you to send texts using your network provider but through your Laptop or PC. This App is called Mighty Text which is a Free App in Android.

How to use Mighty Text in Android device:

  1. Download and Install Mighty Text app from Google Play Store: Mighty Text
  2. Install the App by following the steps: accept the terms and conditions, then you will be asked to enter your mobile phone number and Gmail i.d to confirm the linking of your device with the app.
  3. After you enter your mobile number you will be sent a confirmatory mail to the mail i.d which you have given while registration.
  4. This mail will contain links directing you to app stores of various browsers like google chrome, safari, firefox etc letting you download extensions to your browser by creating a shortcut in your browser toolbar.
  5. Click on the link to the browser which you use and install the plugin or extension in your browser which will appear as a small icon in your browser toolbar.
  6. Right click on the icon and you will be getting option to launch mighty text extension to send and receive text messages on clicking the link you will be directed to mighty text app page which will show all your text messages in your phone in your PC or Laptop.
  7. You will be seeing the Classic layout of Mightytext app page but if you want the more advanced version you need to click on the black box beside your message box to go to PowerView by Mighty text which is for frequent text users.
  8. Power View is a very beautiful layout where all your messages will be laid out based on numbers as seen in the image and you can easily send and text if you are chatting with many people at the same time and the advantage is that you can type considerably faster from your manual keyboard compared to your mobile phones tiny keyboard.
  9. For sending a new message or group message you have to click on the New SMS icon on the left side panel of the app page, which will launch a pop up in the right hand side lower corner of the page you can enter as many numbers as you can and send messages hassle free.
  10. Remember that you don’t get confused that this is free and that you are using your mobile phone offer and your network provider will charge if you cross the limit of SMS.
  11. Mighty Text App page also shows your Android Phone battery percentage which you can keep an eye on from your laptop or PC which is really helpful and a very nice feature.

Mighty Text is a very useful app for everyone who want to chat with friends who do not use internet much or have a group chat with friends who are not online at the moment. A very useful app which will make texting a different experience bringing it close to chatting online.

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