Update Gmail App for Android OS – Reply / Delete or Archive Mail from Notification Panel

The Gmail app for Android has been one of the most popular and best Email clients for Android phones, and the Google team has been sending updates with some best changes and performance improvements, but this time, the update has brought options to make the usage of the app far easier than earlier. The update is sent for the various Android versions, which includes the Android 2.2 and above, Android 4.0 ICS and above, Android 4.1 JB and above. The best part of this update is that the users can directly delete or archive or reply to a mail that has just arrived in the notification panel, and this all can be done from the notifications section rather than going to the app.

Gmail App Android Reply Notification Panel Gmail App Android Update

Gmail App Updates for Android versions:

  • The Android 2.2 and later version would have the new Labels API, advantageous for the 3rd party app developers. Apart from that, there have been a lot of performance improvements done.
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and later will provide a faster searching of the mails and allows for searching the mails even when the device is offline. The app update comes with bug fixes and performance improvements too.
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean devices would see the update with the options to send replies, delete or archive mails directly from the notification section.

Another noticeable change is the font of the header title of the mail which looks clear and better to read than in the previous version, and this change is seen in all the versions of Android. Gmail had sent an update a few months back when swyping the mails to the right or left in the app did the job of deleting and archiving the mail, but now with this update, the job gets easier and one wouldn’t need to go to the app all the time for every mail they receive.

To update the Gmail App of your Android Phone:
You need to go to the Google Play Store, and there go to the My Apps section where the update would be available. If you didn’t see the update message already, search for the updates by refreshing the list and it would then let you know about the available update for the Gmail app. Play Store Link

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