Smart Caller ID App for Android Get Caller’s Facebook Updates, Birthday Reminders & Chat History

So next time when someone calls you, you will be also able to check their latest Facebook post or can see the last text message you shared with them with all new app called as Talkside. With a motive to show more, this app promises you to make the most of your time on call. The idea of this app is basically to add value to your call by giving all possible information about that person who will be talking with you. While this app requires you to sync you with your facebook account, talkside will automatically make connections between your facebook account and the phonebook and pair all required parameters so as to get the best blend.


While in today’s life almost everyone uses the Truecaller app, this caller id also syncs the facebook status updates along with the personal context which also allows you to see the text messages. Additionally, you can also view the photos which you had recently with that person but this feature needs you to properly tag the meta data for the photos. The only issue with this is that the overall interface could have been lot better which I think will be improved over the coming few days. There’s also the ability to quickly share your recent photos with the other party, which is quite cool.

Additionally, the overall interface is lot simple and you can simply play around all the options as almost all options are upfront. In a nutshell, talkside integrates many content sources, including: recent photos and statuses from caller’s Facebook updates, trending local RSS items, birthday reminders, location-based suggestions for going out together, caller’s chat history and more.

So download the Talkside Android app from Google PLAY Store for Free. Do let us know your thoughts on this app on whether you lied this app or not.

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