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Heating Issues on SnapDragon S4 Devices like LG Optimus G & Sony Xperia Z

We had recently made a video on our Youtube channel and showcased the issues on the Qualcomm SnapDragon S4 Processor based Sony Xperia Z which had heating issues and they were so high to the extent that we had to post the video of the same. Later on we received comments that this was a issue only on the Xperia Z because of its waterproofing feature where in the device is totally sealed but we tested the same on LG Nexus 4 and Optimus G too which also had the same issue giving a confirmation that its a issue with the processor and not with some specific unit.

In the following video you can watch our experience and demo of the heating issues on the device with just 10 minutes of gaming playback.

Following is the first video which was recorded by us showing the issue on the Sony’s flagship model.

Its a well known fact that the Smart Phone’s battery lose their storage capacity by 15-20% within a year if the average temperature of the Smart Phone is well above 40° and these tests show that normal gaming or browsing makes the devices reach 46°-48° which is very high compared to the averages. Adding to that if you are from a location which is generally hot in terms of temperature then you should be ready for a bad experience using these smart phones.

How is your experience with the current smart phone you use? Let us know in the following comments area with the Smart Phone which you use and the experience around the same so that others can know about the same.



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