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Tips for using the Sony Xperia Z as a UnderWater Video Camera

Recently we hit the swimming pool with the Sony Xperia Z and captured a few under water videos, which came out to be amazing. In order to ensure that we were getting the best footage out of it we have mentioned below a few tips which can be useful to you.

The Xperia Z Smart Phones with a rating of IP55 & IP57 which ensures that the Phone is not just water proof but also dust proof and at the end of the the day you can just wash your phone under running tap water and ensure its totally clean, with only one point to note ie closing all the external ports.

Here are a few points we would like to share :

  • The moment the phone is in contact with water, the screen starts getting tapped and it randomly opens up the applications, taps onto the widgets and does what not activity and in order to avoid this, you need to start the video recording first and then submerse the phone into water.
  • Record in a place where there is abundant light because the led light would not be useful when recording videos.
  • Ensure that all the ports are closed when recording or else the device would get damaged.
  • The Phone Speakers cannot work normally, if you try to watch videos which were recorded right away because the water blocked around the speakers would reduce the output and hence you need to ensure that the water is dried out.
  • While in water if you try to stop the video recording, its pretty much impossible because the Phone wont be able to capture your actions and would continue recording the video.
  • Try not to shake the phone much because it wont be giving you good output if you do the same. Try to stand at one place and record videos to get better footage.
  • Ensure that you have a full 100% battery before you go for these activities because the Smart Phones tend to use a lot of battery when recording videos and also the Screen is ON all the time.
  • Xperia Z has a feature of capturing photos while the video is being recorded, hence try to avoid touching the screen below water or else you may end up having a bunch of photos along with your Video.
  • The Phone is able to pickup audio while recording the videos but its very low and you need to ensure you don’t hold the phone nearby the microphone area in order to avoid muting the input.
  • Enable the Image Stabilizer option in the Camera Settings option for better results.

Hope the above tips are helpful to you for your next Amazing Video shoot below water. Do Share your Videos which you record with this Smart Phone.



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