Get all your Social Feeds as Phone Home Widget with Tabr Scrolling Widget App

The Widgets are the best way to organize your tabs, bookmarks and application on your mobile phone. There are various widgets available and the best one which we found is Tabr from ‘Everybody all the time’.

Tabr Application

Tabr widget is an innovative tabbed scrolling home screen widget for devices which runs on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS and Android 3.x Honeycomb operating system. Adding Tabr to your phone is quite simple, just pinch and add the widget and users can add bookmark module and contact modules build in. Users have the choice to modify the skins, grid view or module which suits you fancy.

As soon as you install this application and run it on your mobile your mobile phone, there is nothing much needed directly. To modify you need to go to any of the blank area on your phone and continuously tap on it to open the Widget box. Then click on the Widget and you will have the option to select which widget which you want to add.Tabr App tabbed widget

Scroll and select Tabr which will add Tabr widget to your home screen. You will be further taken to the settings.

A module is an application which provides the data to the Tabr widget. Finally after all the settings you will be taken to the home screen of the tar application. The home screen has the tab setup, widget settings, skins settings.Tabr App Tabr

Tab Set Up: To set up tabs you need to hit the option of Tab Setup. Now to add a tab you need to select Add tab to select Bookmarks & Contacts. You can re arrange the tabs accordingly to your preferences. When you add them you also have the option to go through the various settings of it like Bookmarks, change name of it, icon and check the layout and finally the option of Remove select tab.Tabr App Tab Setup

Widget Settings: Next Option is of the Widget Settings and clearly understood that this is for the widgets show up and appearances. Under the Widget settings we have Hide counter, set tab text color, active tab color, inactive tab color, inactive tab text color, text 1 appearances, text 2 appearances, and header row text appearances.Tabr App Widget Setup

There is the option of Skins i.e., the Theme settings but there is no direct choice to choose from, you need to download it from the internet sources.Tabr App Skins

The tabs located at the top of the application will allow you to switch between the modules.

Tabr Application Download

Tabr Application can be easily downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. To download it directly on to your mobile phone, you need to visit the Android Apps Labs page listing of Cam Speed and then click on Install to automatically proceed with the installation.

Alternatively you can download Tabr Widget using the QR code mentioned below –

Tabr Application QR Code


The Tabr is certainly the best widget for your Android tablet, works on your phone but its with no tweaking at all.

Android Advices Application Rating – 4 / 5

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